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    What's Your Lucky Monster?

    December 19, 2013 by UkantorEX

    Hello, everyone!

    MH3U has been very kind to me recently. Yesterday, I got Skymeralds from both Zinogre and Stygian Zinogre after just one try, and today I got two Skymeralds from a dual Stygian Zin Quest, and two Jaspers and a Skymerald from a Zin Quest (I think it's the armour; maybe they've got a thing for people wearing them? I don't know...)

    Anyway, that beggared the question: 

    What's your "lucky monster"? 

    What monster do you seem to have least difficulty getting rare materials from? Also, what monster is your "unlucky" monster? What's your reasoning behind these strokes of mis/fortune? (Obviously it's merely a game of chance based on statistics and other boring stuff like that, but hey.)

    I don't really have much else to say, so I'll just …

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