The Warriors Of Legend Clan Blog

Welcome all clan members. This is The Warriors of Legend clan blog.

Here we will set up hunts, chat and other stuff that needs doing.


This clan is for the EU server. If you are in the U.S. server then check out MasterLongSword's Clan.

Meeting Server

Recruiting, Greed2, City Gate 11. This is where we will hunt together.

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Current Members:

Uber.. In-game name: Uber, HR: 91, ID: 6C3G5Q, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Leader

TigrexJeff. In-game name: Jeff, HR: 35, ID: EZQ16K, Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Position: Clan Co-Leader

Plexioth- xD. In-game name: plexioth, HR: 70, ID: 4QT934, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: 3rd In Command

Monster Masher. In-game name: Jacob, HR: 55, ID: PR446G, Main Weapon: Great Sword, Position: Tactics

Manic-kid. In-game name: Jamie, HR: 224, ID: KGC12L, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: Live Bait

HummelHunter. In-game name: Hummel, HR 63, ID: 1PWFA8, Main Weapon: Lance, Position: Clan Member

Shootfastest. In-game name: Talos, HR: 135, ID XTLPEX, Main Weapon: Depends On Battle, Position: Berserker

Escadora. In-game name: corey, HR: 112, ID:HU39KW ,Main Weapon: Great Sword, Position: Clan Member

Bombsequalsfun. In-game name: Mathias, HR: 39 ID: U22VNJ, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: Clan Member

Lolliesta. In-game name: liam, HR: 73, ID: L3P3A1, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member

Orhun97. In-game name: Orhun, HR: 57, ID: EEFRQ8, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member

Wyvren s. In-game name: wyvren s, HR: 86, ID: U7LMGB, Main Weapon: Any, Position: Clan Member

Azura loss. In-game name: rathalos, HR: 50, ID: ATGZXK, Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Position: Clan Member

Plesiodrome.In-game name: seely, HR: 61, ID: QH1X59, Main Weapon: Long Sword, Position: Clan Member

AWk (A Wiki Contributor). In-game name: Alex, HR: 60, ID: , Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member


Artemis Paradox. In-game name: Kaede, HR: 300+, ID: , Main Weapon: All, Position: Friend Of The Clan


(the HR's are at-the-time-info so it will not be updated often, therefore it may be incorect)

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