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Uber. March 31, 2011 User blog:Uber.


Hey, my clan kinda died so im starting over fresh. Ok so if you were already in my clan you can re-join or if you were not in my clan, you can join aswell. I no longer play the game, but I will still regulary visit this blog.

If you have joined my clan, join this forum :


HR 31+

EU server

Info I Need:

In-Game Name


Current Members:

Uber.. In-game Name: Uber, HR 91, Stats: Offline (I no longer play)

DA BEAST. Stats: US (he in America)

HummelHunter. In-game name: Hummel, HR 93

Lolliesta. In-game name: liam, HR: 74

Escadora. In-game name: corey, HR 109

Manic-kid. In-game name: Jamie, HR: 40

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