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Achievments- Xbox360 style!!!

I always loved the concept of achievements! So i started to think of my own in my head... so im gonna make a list! Give me your own ideas! (5g-100g)

A Journey Begins (5g)- Start a new character.

The Assasin (25g)- Kill any boss monster with a throwing knife.

The Oceans God (10g)- Slay a Lagiacrus.

Jurassic Park Survivor (15g)- Slay a Deviljho.

The Black Diamond (20g)- Slay an Alatreon.

THE MONSTER HUNTER (100g)- Slay 300 of every creature.

Kickboxing Champion (10g)- Kill any monster by kicking it.

The Weapons Master (10g)- Own a weapon of each type.

"Breaker Boy" (5g)- Cut off the tail, break the wing tips, and the face, of a Flying Wyvern.

The Untouchable (10g)- Kill any boss monster without getting hit.

The Wind Cutter (15g)- Cut a bosses tail off in mid air.

Tell me if you like the ideas and give my our own in the Format above =P

The Wind Demon 07:27, July 13, 2010 (UTC)The Tower Demon

New ones!

STOP! Hammer Time! (5g)- Give a boss monster stars with a hammer.

Show Me The Money! (10g)- Accumulate 100,000z.

Survivor Man (10g)- Go any hunting mission without cha-cha dieing.

Superstar! (5g)- Fill up your friends list.

You Complete Me... (10g)- Create a full set of armour.

The Only Non-Scary Ghost (10g)- Kill a phantom Uragaan.

Slaughter House (5g)- Cook 10 raw meat.

The Monsters are Hacking! (5g)- Die 3 times in any quest.

OH S*** (10g)- Have your battery's die on you in the middle of a quest.

Cliff-Hanger (15g)- Die while climbing.

Tree Hugger (5g)- Capture a monster on a slaying quest.

Tell me if you like em!

The Wind Demon 09:59, July 13, 2010 (UTC)The Tower Demon

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