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  • Torry

    The "T" list.

    January 3, 2011 by Torry

    Naturally, the T stands for troll. although there are several similar blogs, I would really like to know about some of the worst players or seesions you have come across. Believe me, ranting is fun. If you have stuff you want to share or just want to hunt, go ahead and tell me. I love this game, and love just as much stories of all the idiots out there, so if I meet them, I will know which cities to avoid. You can think of this as a universal talk page, but for intents and purposes, tell your story.

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  • Torry

    A monster hunting we'll go...

    December 19, 2010 by Torry

    12/18/10- Today I attempted to fight the alatreon, but I thought things were looking bleak when a hunter rank fifty who was hosting the quest wanted to use a hammer with out ANY elemental damage. I then thought that maybe there as some other reason, and maybe he was just good with a hammer, but didn't have any better hammers. I was wrong. He fainted twice in the battle,once at the start and the other ending the mission. I was also wrong because s the alatreon was never stunned once in the battle except for a flash bomb, so the fact that alatreon's weak point is his head and he wasn't ever stunned in the battle started to make the warning sign in my brains go crazy. I am a good great sword user and was giving the dragon what I could (GET ON…

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