• Tlgme

    Weaponry opinoins

    September 22, 2010 by Tlgme

    Every MH game has 5 major catagories that make this game playable. 1st: Areas (can't have a game without a place). 2nd: Monsters (THIS IS MONSTER HUNTER! of course theres gotta be monsters...duh). 3rd: Fundamentals (how you will kill these beast). 4th: Weapons (The main topic). 5th: Armor (DoN't DiE!!!).

    Now, I'm a new MH fanatic that has been introduced to the MH3 weapons, which have the basic (non-complex) weapons...well except switch axe (which is cool!). When I first saw the old MH weapons that were abandon during MH3, I thought that the creatures were high, but now I see that the dual swords, gun lance, and bow aren't that bad! My Opinion on the lame old weapons: (Great sword, sword 'n' sheild, dual swords, lance, gunlance, hammer, long s…

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