• Timmay Time



    Monster hunter Tri players only.

    are you interested in joining a group of hunters?

    so that you may learn and share skills as well as kill some monsters?

    actually pretty much just kill monsters.

    then this is the clan for you!


    HR: 1+

    Mad skillz


    my user name is Timmay

    HR: 83

    and i am on almost every day or every second day so i'm easy to contact for a game.

    however i am australian.

    ID: FXXP7Y

    LS and L user mainly

    i am the leader and creator of Clan Lazah and can evaluate your skills and award rank.

    (upon becoming a member plz change par of your profile to Clan: Lazah. Rank: Fresh Meat)

    to apply plz post a comment below \/ \/ \/

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