Yes, this is were you can say what you think MHP3rd has in store to be released over the next few weeks until its release in Japan. So far, we've had Jinouga, Aoshira, Gagua, Urukususu, Dosufurogyi, Rangurotora, Hapurubokka, Dobo-fango, the minion Furogi's, and the subspecies.

Some questions that have been asked previously:

  • Are subspecies coming back completely?
  • Will Deviljho, and the other MH3 online monsters, be coming back? (There has been no confirmation, so don't whine about it, just express your opinion.)
  • What will be the final boss monster?
  • How will the armour system for the felyne's work?
  • What will the english names be? WILL there be an English release?
  • Will any more Fanged Wyverns be added? (I hope so, cos' Jinouga will get lonely.) XD

Also, just feel free to post your opinions on details already released, and what you're REALLY looking forward to when it comes our way. :D

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