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  • TigrexJeff

    I decided that after a while of little MHL activity on my part, I'd release the first chapter of Monster Hunter Dynasties. This new story takes place approximately a century after the events of MHL finish, and is based more around the Moga and Yukumo regions. This means the Monster Warriors are still around, but the Guild is no longer a corrupt and tyrannical government. Only the first chapter for now, but depending on feedback, I will either write faster or slower. XD Enjoy!

    Note: MHD is from the perspectives of three different people. The first chapter introduces some of the main characters, and in chapter 2 and 3 the others are introduced. So, following this pattern, the next chapter with the First Character will chapter 4.

    Monster Hunter…

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  • TigrexJeff

    Alright, I've decided to draw a new Monster Hunter cartoon. I've already done a couple on deviantART, but this one is a different idea. I'm going to draw MH if it was REAL. So, no health bar and partial invincibility, basically hunters getting the crap beaten out of them. XD

    The purpose of this blog is for YOU to get in which monster you want to see absolutely owning the hunter. :P I'll decide on how many panels the comic will have once the monsters have been decided, so comment! :D

    To start you off...
    Gravios: Beam of doom, incinerates hunter...
    Deviljho: Nomnomnomnom...
    Nargacuga: Narga Razor Wings... SLICE.

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  • TigrexJeff

    Yes, this is were you can say what you think MHP3rd has in store to be released over the next few weeks until its release in Japan. So far, we've had Jinouga, Aoshira, Gagua, Urukususu, Dosufurogyi, Rangurotora, Hapurubokka, Dobo-fango, the minion Furogi's, and the subspecies.

    Some questions that have been asked previously:

    • Are subspecies coming back completely?
    • Will Deviljho, and the other MH3 online monsters, be coming back? (There has been no confirmation, so don't whine about it, just express your opinion.)
    • What will be the final boss monster?
    • How will the armour system for the felyne's work?
    • What will the english names be? WILL there be an English release?
    • Will any more Fanged Wyverns be added? (I hope so, cos' Jinouga will get lonely.) XD


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  • TigrexJeff

    MHL Sneak Peek (FanFic)

    October 30, 2010 by TigrexJeff

    An excerpt of what is coming up in Monster Hunter Legends. :D It might not be for a while at the pace i'm writing...

    In Dondruma...

    The whole plan had gone to hell. Half the resistance was stranded outside the main castle, where the real fight was going down. Makoto, Nami, Will and Alex were left to deal with the scattered Dondruman Military Forces, and the insane monsters released from the Arena.
    "Nami! Which monsters were let out?" Makoto yelled, glancing worryingly at the approaching soldiers. The soldiers were clad in the regulation Guild Guardian armour, and led be Commander Caine Vengar. For such a strong hunter, he had turned his back on Minegarde when the Order first came about. His armor was considerably better: Silver Rathalos armo…

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  • TigrexJeff

    The New Awards System

    October 2, 2010 by TigrexJeff

    I don't like the way it doesn't count any previous edits, but its also a way to get members to be more involved with the wiki. Post your thoughts here!

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