• TigrexGo

    Team up

    May 10, 2010 by TigrexGo

    Hey anyone who plays atleast 4x a week wanna make a Team on North American Servers?

    The Only condition is that you need to be HR40+ or atleast close to that

    I'am a constant player currently HR45 my Character name is Ragika and i use Switch Axes, i currently have Upper rank Rathalos armor except his Head

    I get the job done, to me failing is not a option if you wanna do something out of the quest go ahead

    I Don't know a team name but once we assemble we can come up with one

    and to be honest im a good player, i'm usually the only person not to die and am a serious Damage Dealer

    so ya thats about all just hit me up.

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  • TigrexGo


    May 1, 2010 by TigrexGo

    Does anyone know where i get Lighting Tickets and Dark Metal form?

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  • TigrexGo

    Slash Axe

    April 22, 2010 by TigrexGo

    Well i got the bone axe and i must say it is so GOOD but i have one questiob do i get killer beetles to upgrade?

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  • TigrexGo

    Machelite Ores

    April 21, 2010 by TigrexGo

    Can someone please tell me where i can get Machellite Ores? i need some for my Great Jaggi Armor

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  • TigrexGo

    Ok i'm looking to form a Team need 2-3 People

    1. Bowgun

    2. Hammer

    3. Anything

    I Choose these Weapons For

    a. Ranged Damage, Staying Out Of AoE's, and to inflect Statues affects

    b. Knock Out Monsters, Be Head Man On Hard Shell Monsters

    I Cannot Tell you that im gonna be Great, But in MHFU me and my Bro Duo'd Every Boss. That's not saying much considering we going against new monsters and that its on a different system.

    But if you'd like to form one Please Leave Your Wii Tag...1st 3 Get In

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