Have any of you ever had a monster 'sacrifice' itself to save your life? Or even a monster sacrificing itself for another? Earlier today i was helping a friend repel a lagi. He didnt have the best armour (barroth mail and vambrances, ludroth helm, and jaggi flauds and greaves). The lagi was in 9 (deserted isle). After hitting it a couple times his peco flint need a whetstone. So i start sharpening, when the lagi looks toward me. I think crap, and then wouldnt you know it he starts to charge a thunder ball. I know i am dead because he only has one fourth of his health left. Suddenly a felyne jumps up to attack me, and takes the thunderball!!!! Also, i was doing two flames (ian and los arena). I was a bowgunner. Both are really weak, and a couple more hits would kill them. ian is charging me but is out of stamina so slides right in front of me. Just as i was about to fire a wyvernfire to her face, WHOOOSH!!!! los does his flight charge thing and takes the bullet, killing him!!! HE saved his wife, but also killed her when he charged. :I . ANother time, a deviljho was in 3 of d isle. i was on the opposite side hiding behind a large aptonoth (believe it or not, it worked). Suddenly, he decides hes hungry, so starts running toward the aptonoth. It jumps and pins both ME and the aptonoth down. Im pinned, but not taking any damage. I cant escape either, and he doesn't notice me. Comment below if you have had any similar experiences.

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