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  • Thesweetroll

    All those sacrifices

    August 29, 2010 by Thesweetroll

    Have any of you ever had a monster 'sacrifice' itself to save your life? Or even a monster sacrificing itself for another? Earlier today i was helping a friend repel a lagi. He didnt have the best armour (barroth mail and vambrances, ludroth helm, and jaggi flauds and greaves). The lagi was in 9 (deserted isle). After hitting it a couple times his peco flint need a whetstone. So i start sharpening, when the lagi looks toward me. I think crap, and then wouldnt you know it he starts to charge a thunder ball. I know i am dead because he only has one fourth of his health left. Suddenly a felyne jumps up to attack me, and takes the thunderball!!!! Also, i was doing two flames (ian and los arena). I was a bowgunner. Both are really weak, and a c…

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  • Thesweetroll


    August 6, 2010 by Thesweetroll

    I have noticed on youtube videos that people can make the health and items and map dissapear so that the screen is only the chatlog . How do they do that? Do you press a button or what? Very confused.

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  • Thesweetroll


    August 2, 2010 by Thesweetroll

    Okay. I seriously need a GOOD set of people to play monster hunter with. Im HR 43 or something like that and a veteran switch axe and bowgunner. I Need people to play with that don't die on any quest, or are below HR 40. It is very, very, VERY, hard to find a city with people of your HR, and they are actually good, if you know what i mean. Please comment if you need help or could help me and sometime we could hang out.

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