• Thelongsworder


    December 28, 2009 by Thelongsworder

    Many seamless hunters now use Long Swords as their official and primary weapon. Truly, Long swords give off the true spirit of a hunter, for they are incredibly strong, easy to use and maybe one of the most versatile weapons in the whole Monster Hunter ecology. These swords actually came from the idea of Greatswords, but they are lighter and faster. Longswords lack power compared to Great swords, but with their speed, surely no Monster and Wyvern would survive in this deadly blade!

    So, a lot of people now are using this weapon. What they do not know is that IT IS MORE THAN THEY KNOW. Did you even know that longswords can have 13 hit chain strikes? Did you know about the power of the retreating slash? Did you know the perfect timing and usag…

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