• Thekingkiller

    The Unkillables

    September 22, 2010 by Thekingkiller

    All pictures from and

    To all people viewing this page Do not add these pic's to monster galleries, If so you will be Banned.

    Whats your favourite pic?

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  • Thekingkiller

    I found these pic's and thought they could be used for something but i didn't know what, so hopefully you can find a use.

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  • Thekingkiller

    This blog is for anyone that has any good idea's for new skills that they have thought of them selfs or improved of older skills that could be used in a new monster hunter game or just wanted to tell others about.

    If anyone does have any idea's please do share.

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  • Thekingkiller

    There was a message that was sent to all wiki members explaining about the new badge system.

    Who would like to see this Idea make it into monster hunter wiki, Or why we should not bring this idea into monster hunter wiki?

    If anyone can think of a good reasons for awarding badges please do share. Here are some of my idea's:

    100 edits

    250 edits

    500 edits

    1000 edits

    Has been at the top of the HOT SPOT for 3 days, and achived more than 30 editors

    Has been with monster hunter wiki for one year.

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  • Thekingkiller

    What do all of you's think the most ugliest creature is to have walked the lands of monster hunter?

    I'm throwing my vote in with the lunastra and teostra (just there face being ugly).

    If you think something else is ugly, by all means please share.

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