I've been creating a fantasy game in the monster hunter series. I will edit this when new monsters surface.NOT FINISHED SO DON'T BUG ME.Remember it is ONLY POSTED HERE, and if you find it somewhere else TELL ME.Enjoy.

Monster Hunter Ultimate Challenge

The world of Monster Hunter, where monsters rule the with almost no threat. Except for the hunters. You must now enter in quests where you must hunt a monster, mine/gather for minerals or plants,farm for herbs,plants,and food. This is monster hunter ultimate challenge.

New Weapons

  • grappling hook gun: shoot at monsters and the longer it’s holding on to the monster. the more damage it will do.. You can also trip monsters that are charging to do damage. Grab people and pull them away from an attacking monster. Grab items that you need(Item)
  • Double Bow Gun: two guns which can be fired multiple times without the need to reload
  • Charge Sword: a weapon that can change from being a sword to a lance and back again.
  • Shoot and Slash: a bow gun that can be flipped into a sword and back again .

Changes in Weapons

  • Great Swords charge is like Unite’s
  • Great swords also gain a charging side slash that when used it does a 360 counter clockwise turn and then swings up ,like the hammer at the end of a super-pound, at the very end.
  • The hammer gains an attack similar to this, but it at the ends pounds to the ground like the super pound
  • You can mix and combine bullet types and arrow coatings(bowgun example: crag lvl 1+waters= water crag lvl 1)(bow example: poison coating+power coating= poison power coating)
  • There are element coatings for bows, but if the bow’s affiliated element without a coating is strong to, or weak to the new coating, the coatings power decreases, but if the coating is the same element or is related(ice to water, thunder and fire,dragon has no related element) the power of the coating and the regular element stat gains power.(The second element and the bows original element are both sent with the arrow/ the target takes damage from both elements.)


Can break weapons and armor down to get the materials made from them

Name weapon and armor sets you’ve created

Dromes and Minions have G rank Armor sets and Weapons

All monster icons are updated to the mh3 look

Regular boss monsters have twice as many carves

at least ten monster items in the reward screen for killing and 15 for capturing

New Classification “ Birds”

New Classification “Herbivorous Reptiles”

All Herbivores are Reclassified

  • Kelbi: Pelagus
  • Rhenoplos Herbivorous Reptile
  • Aptonoth Herbivorous Reptile
  • Apceros Herbivorous Reptile
  • Popo Pelagus
  • Anteka Pelagus
  • Epioth Leviathan
  • Gavua Bird

Dromes have rage mode

have three felyne comrades in a party

quest failed appears after dying five times

When you download and complete an event quest it’s added to your offline and online guild quest list

free hunt, but still pay traveling fee, better items and carves are found, but monsters are harder to find.

Improve weapons by materials to have better sharpness and affinity,raw power,item slot count, and element and status attack up

Seasons are in place that last for ten real days each, but can skipped offline if the player decides to take a break mid-season.In spring Water levels in all areas spike,snow is less likely in the areas where it can snow, and many of the breeding monsters are encountered in this time.In summer water levels shorten slightly, temperature increases that make cool drinks less effective in the Zianticka Plains and Tisharia Canyon, and Snow in Derashiou Cliffs,lower areas of the Makaia Mountain Range, and Derashiou Cliffs do not come.In fall water levels drop to low levels, and snow can appear in the Daiaku Forest,lower areas of the Makaia Mountain Range,snowing at night is almost a given if you are in the Derashiou Cliffs. Monsters will not attack you as viciously in fall, Winter the water levels drop to an all-time low that causes drought everywhere,Snow covers Daiaku Forest, Makaia Mountain Range, Derashiou Cliffs and the blizzards on the Darrukair Plateau appear much more often. The Monster Hunter Portable Third map of the flooded forest is used.

Can carry thirty different items in the pouch

The online city can be reached while playing offline.

Online grouping area is extended to twenty people, but still only four people can hunt in regular hunts.

In hunts involving giant monsters(lao shan lung raviente ect.),or Legendary quests(hunting six or more monsters) Eight people can join.

Tour Quests are introduced. You can’t go on them till you are G ranked. They involve you hunting a set of monsters in one area, and then after a three minute wait ,that doesn’t effect how much time you have left , you go to the next area. Eight people can join in these hunts if there are a total of six or more monsters.

Throwing bomb: a throwable bomb that deals low damage, but can cause an enemy to stagger. Combine gunpowder with bomb-material.

Four base camps in every new region(excluding Teockooma River, Derashiou’s Forbidden Cliffs,Makaia Mountain Peak, Sea of Sands,Kisho,Caracaru’s Abandoned Temple,Kisho Fortress,Mogara Ruins only has two,Garrakia Island.)

Armor can be upgraded with specific materials like in mh2 (can raise elemental resistance by one on a specific element,skill points, increase defense by three, and add a slot for charms and jewels per upgrade. Only one option appears per level) Still level up with armor spheres.

New Sharpness Levels Black and Silver that are exclusively in Hardcore weapons.

time limit is 100 minutes

When you go into the info magazine you go into the book and there are drawings which resemble the mh3 credit drawings.

Monster List

( All Monsters from previous games present)

  • Viaparios: a large bushmaster colored snake with venomous fangs, strong tail, and two feelers that feel, grab/throw,and produce electricity. Can swim and fight in the water.Doesn’t flee when injured enough.Elder Dragon. Title:Serpent of The Forest Dragon,Alias: The Forest’s Secret

Materials given: low rank:Viaparios Scale, Viaparios Fang, Viaparios Leather,Viaparios Plate,Viaparios Whisker High Rank:Viaparios Smooth Scale,Viaparios White Fang, Viaparios Tan Leather,Viaparios Gem,Viaparios Static Whisker G-Rank: Viaparios Vibrant Scale,Viaparios Ivory Fang,Viaparios Cream Leather, Viaparios Heavenly Scale,Viaparios Electric Whisker Hardcore Rank: Viaparios vibrant Scale,Viaparios Glistening Fan, Viaparios Silver Leather,Viaparios Shining Gem, Viaparios Thunder Whisker

  • Tikarishou: A fatalis large, red eagle that can manipulate fire. It’s tail has the farthest left and right tail feathers being the shortest, and the tail feathers become longer as they come closer to the middle. It can surround itself in fire, or a select part of its body in fire. Can charge, fly, and attack, but when it’s finished the fire blasts away from Tikarishou. It can’t be caught in any traps. Bird. Title:Crimson Phoenix Alias: Tempest of Fire
  • Jade Alatreon: A jade colored alatreon that can utilize the abilities of teostra/lunastra,kushula daora, and chameleos , but it moves like an alatreon in any form. It has it’s alatreon mode in which it’s balanced in terms of attack, speed, and defense, and it has the dragon element. It has three new attacks in this mode where it turns 180 degrees while its horns are enveloped in dragon element.Its second new attack involves Jade Alatreon to create a beam of dragon element which will one-hit-knockout a player. It’s final new attack involves Jade Alatreon to fly up high and breath a special powder of dragon element that forms into dragon attributed crystals that fall onto the area.In chameleos mode it has the highest defense and has the special moves and invisibility of chameleos,its invisibility always looks like chameleos in rage though except without the smoke, but it is the slowest.It’s moves that deal statuses are replaced with thunder element i.e. poison cloud of chameleos turns into electric dishcarge. In Teostra mode it has the highest attack, but it has the lowest defense. It will use the fire element moves,excluding the powder, it’s attacks are very predictable in this mode.In daora mode it has the highest speed, but it has the lowest attack. Its moves are the most unpredictable, and can be chained together.It stays airborne like kushula daora, and it has ice element. Jade Alatreon will always change into a different mode when it enters rage, but it can change modes at will which leaves Jade Alatreon vulnerable for five seconds. It will always start in alatreon mode.Elder Dragon. Title: Dragon Of Mystery Alias:Dragon of The Unknown
  • Tikashi: A large raven that can breathe out dragon element. When in rage mode It has a shield of dragon element much like teostra’s flame wall. All physical moves become embedded with dragon element. It also gives you dragon blight if you are standing in the dragon element shield.Bird. Title: The Jet Raven, Alias: Raven of Malice
  • Comoroty: a cormorant like monster that is as tall as a velociprey. They stand like penguins on land, and swim in the water. They can also fly. They can spray water or ice depending where they’re at. Bird.Title:Sliding Bird, Alias: Fisher’s Fiend
  • Galabanga: a Blangonga-sized Gelada-like monster. It moves much like blangonga, but it has many types of rushes that can be chained. It has large canines that cause lots of damage if you are bitten.It throws rocks that can actually curve to the left or right.When in rage its chest becomes bright red while its muzzle will become blue.Can adapt to the heat of the Zianticka Plains to the cold of the Derashiou Cliffs.Has smaller minions called Gabango. Pelagus. Title: Cliff Lion, Alias: The Cliff’s Conqueror
  • Gabango: Are smaller and younger versions of Galabanga that can’t throw rocks or go into rage.Pelagus. Title: Cliff Monkey, Alias: Climber’s Nightmare
  • Apcerodon: the bull that leads a small group of apceros, looks like apceros but has three main differences besides being larger, has two large shoulder spikes, a horn crown, and spikes along the tail before the club. Herbivorous Reptile. Title: Spiked Bull, Alias: Desert Tank
  • Rhenoceros: similar to rhenplos but larger, has a frill with three horns, can cause small earthquakes, and fling rocks. Herbivorous Reptile. Title: Shield Monster, Alias: Impenetrable Shield
  • Klyothiatone: a large bird that looks like a giant loon, but has a crest of feathers which are organized like a crown which generates electricity, a large talon which is closest to the inside of the feet which are like velociraptor talons, has thin teeth along the bill, and a long pintail It can spray water from its beak . Bird. Title: Aqua Bird, Alias: Waters’ Feathers
  • Mikari: a white wolf with a mane that is straight and faces in the direction of its spine, and doesn’t flow below the neck .has retractable claws,which electricity can come into from the mane to create areas where electricity stays for a few seconds or can slash you, that same electricity can go to its mouth where when it roars electricity will shoot in the direction it’s facing it has smaller pack members called Mickar which are smaller,younger, and don’t have a mane or electric attacks. Closely related to the kamu orugaron and nono orugaron, but unlike them mikari trades the wind attack for the electric attack. Pelagus. Title: Thunder Wolf, Alias: Tundra’s Electric Fist
  • Mickar:young miakari which doesn’t have a mane or electric attacks. Pelagus. Title: Spark Canine, Alias: Tundra’s Heir
  • Uganloktor: A leviathan that can burrow through ice.It has four covers of ice.The more it attacks, the more snow and ice falls off, and it becomes faster and loses its defense.However, it regains a level when it shoots an ice beam,or stays in the ground for four seconds.Its back is like the scales on the back of ukanlos, and it lacks a dorsal gin.It’s mouths’ scales are very tough and have serrated edges which it uses to burrow through the ice.In caves Uganloktor can shoot out from the sides, or fire an ice beam. It can also throw ice from its tail,make an ice-beam-ball like the lagiacrus,perform a body slam,swim around like Ukanlos,jump a short distance,pin you and eat you, and even send ice rocks flying from its back like jhen mohran. When in rage it can start running with its legs not touching the ground, and then it can jump far and slide.When it does the leviathan slide it can turn around on the end of one slide and slide again in the target’s direction, and can be chained up to four times. It has been documented that it will swim in water like other leviathans.Leviathan.Title: Ice Aqua Wyvern, Alias: The Frozen Sea Serpent
  • Batoru: a large bat that has developed paws much like a psuedo-wyvern, but it can fly with ease due to it being very light . It has a long,hairless tail that has a few ridges on them. Their saliva causes defense down ailment.It has a high-pitched scream like diablos and a roar. When it screams it is close to death.It can be stunned by a sonic bomb, but it immediatly goes into rage mode.When in rage its saliva gives you the power down ailment.It can crawl along the ceiling like gigginox. Pelagus. Title: The Cave Pelagus. Alias: The Cave’s Bane
  • Salminodea: a giant fish that has the coloring and body structure of a breeding sockeye salmon, but also has simple lungs as well as gills so it can fight for short periods above land, and the front and back fins have short claws that barely show but can give you decent damage. Leviathan. Title: Coastal Leviathan. Alias: Water’s General
  • Terrasaurodon: a massive biped/quadraped iguana looking reptile that can fling massive rocks,bite through metal and breath fire,its face is like a crocodile, can stand on two legs,it has a large spiny crest Elder Dragon.Title: Terra Dragon. Alias: The Land Dragon
  • Leopardofelis: a large feline creature that looks like a leopard, it has a special pouch where it houses “bomb seeds” and creates a spark to create flames on the spot and shoot the flame at you, has claws that can create electricity and slash you, in rage mode it eyes,teeth, and claws turn red while it’s spots turn blue. Pelagus. Title: Thunderflame Cat. Alias: King of The Savanna
  • Arachnodioros: a large spider that has two giant fangs in the front of the mouth and two smaller fangs in the back of the mouth, can dig, has three spikes on the each foot for extra grip and for attack, can shoot webs at you.Has smaller versions called Arcahnos which lack the two back fangs, only have one claw per leg, and lacking the web shooting ability till it undergoes metamorphosis. Carapaceon.Title: Cave Ceiling Carapacean Alias: Cave’s Shadow
  • Arachnos: a smaller younger arachnodioros that doesn’t have the two back fangs and only has one claw on each foot and can’t shoot webs to it undergoes metamorphosis. Carapaceons. Title: Small Spiders. alias: Swarming Spiders.
  • Khezeparios: a khezu whelp that has small arms and legs and is about to become an adult. Wyvern. Title: Cave Wyvern, Alias: Ceiling’s Danger
  • Gigiparios a gigi whelp that has small arms and legs and is about to become an adult. Psuedo-Wyvern. Title: Cave Crawling Wyvern, Alias: Cave Floor’s Annoyance
  • Delexus: the main pod leader to delex larger, has claws on the end of its front fins, can also shoot electricity at you.Piscine Wyvern. Title: Sand Dolphin Wyvern. Alias: Commander of The Sandy Seas.
  • Diorparous: a large reptile that swims in lava.Has legs with three claws each, has three horns, the middle is the largest, can dig,,and can breath fire. it’s jaw is like a moniter lizard. Elder Dragon.Title: Molten Behemoth. Alias: Magma’s Conqueror
  • Remobarocene: a leader of a colony of remobra that can release flames,and release poison it has claws in the middle of the wing, can climb,has a crown of horns,and has a poisonous bite. The flames are separated from the poison when not enraged. Wyvern. Title: Flying Cobra Wyvern, Alias:Flying Omen
  • Plesos: smaller and younger pleisioths who can’t shoot water.Will sometimes be seen with plesioth. Piscine Wyvern, Title: Young Shark Piscine, Alias: Waters’ Sailors
  • Ratho: Junvenile rathalos who can’t fly as well or breath powerful flames as far as Rathalos. Wyvern. Title: Young Fire Wyvern. Alias: Young King
  • Rathi: Junvenile rathian who can’t fly as well or breath powerful flames as far Rathian. Wyvern Title: Young Female Fire Wyvern. Alias: Young Queen
  • Caocarou: A psuedo-wyvern that’s legs have turned to flippers, but still has small claws. Slightly longer than a tigrex. The tail shape is that of the deyuryurgaua, but flattened. It’s top color is a green, and the bottom is white. Has sharp teeth and claws.Its head has a wolf like head, but it’s smushed in.It has two small horns. Nick-named the “ Underwater tigrex.” Psuedo-Wyvern.Title: Under Pseudo-Wyvern, Alias: Underwater Tigrex
  • Yoxen: a yak bodied creature with bighorn sheep horns facing in a water-buffalo horn shape. Pelagus. Title: Cliff Buffalo Alias: Cliff Stapple
  • Orugaron: younger versions of Kamu or Nono orugaron which hunt with the two adult types of orugarons both genders look the same. Pelagus Title: Young Sound Wolf, Alias: Pack Wolf
  • Pariap: The younger version of pariapuria but can’t regurgitate food to cause damage. Psuedo-Wyvern. Title: Famished Wyvern, Alias: Tiny Gluttons
  • White Bearusidae: A large bear that can breath winds and can throw ice that can hurt you a lot. It has an ice-breath.Pelagus
  • Brown Bearusidae: a bearusidae that instead of throwing ice it throws rocks. Instead of ice breath it creates mini wind tunnels much like a kushula daora outside of icy areas. Pelagus
  • Keirooksu: a large raptor like creature that has red feathers and can breath fire, it jaws have venom. It has keiros which are smaller and can’t breath fire to fight with it.Bird Wyvern. Title: Fire Raptor, Alias: Fire Leader
  • Keiros: smaller, younger versions of keirooksu, but can’t breath fire. Bird Wyvern. Title: Fire Pack Wyvern. Alias: Hunter’s Foe
  • Ironious: a large freshwater fish, a body plan like a rainbow trout but can control electricity and has claws on the front fin. Leviathan.Title: Ice-Water Leviathan, Alias: Icy Water Tamer.
  • Magogo: a slightly larger cape buffalo looking creature. It has a large hump,large horns, and two huge tusks. The leader of a mogo herd.Pelagus.Title: Charging Buffalo, Alias: Ivory Horns
  • Mogo: a cape buffalo sized and looking creature. The horns, tusks, and hump are smaller.Pelagus. Title: Ramming Buffalo, Alias: Weak Horns
  • Tiario: a large albatross like bird with a canal covered by a skin flap that can release poisonous ,sleepy,explosive, and ice element gas if provoked. It has three claws in which it can slash at enemies and climb up to it’s nest without flying.Can also call in other monsters. Bird. Title: Gas Bird, Alias: Infliction Master
  • Salamoonda: a large salamander that can jump like a frog. It’s tongue can be coated with poisons which will give the tongue a purple glow to symbol the tongue is now poisonous. It has sharp teeth,and has claws on the toes of its webbed feet.Leviathan Title: Stealth Leviathan, Alias: Unseen Danger.
  • Mammosos: a large mammoth like creature with a flattened tail which can swat at attackers.It can shoot snow or rocks from its trunk at opponents. Lead Mamo heards. Pelagus. Title: Glacier Elephant, Alias: Walking Ice Wall
  • Mamo: a juvenile Mammosos which is smaller and can’t shoot items from its trunk. Pelagus.Title: Pack Ice Elephant, Alias: Walking Pack Ice.
  • Razalulentae: a bear-sized sting ray with both gills and lungs. Has small legs so that it can walk if driven onto land. Its tail has barbs that can poison you. It can also shoot a not very destructive,but able to hurt you, water jet. Leviathan. Title: Stingray Leviathan, Alias: Ocean’s Stinger
  • Carabi: a large caribou-like antelope. It has a brown coat with a with belly coat. Pelagus Title: Swift Caribou, Alias: Speedy Fur-Bucket
  • Marmalos: A jackal as tall as a blangonga that can change its paw position to walk or slash. It can breath fire.When enraged the small ridge of hair turns red. When it howls it summons marmos, and deals damage to hunters without ear-plugs. Pelagus. Title: Flame Jackal, Alias: Savanna’s Heat
  • Marmo: a younger Marmalos that doesn’t have a ridge of hair or can’t breath fire. Can be summoned by the howl of a marmalos. Pelagus. Title: Ember Jackal, Alias: Walking Embers
  • Ratrios: A bear-sized rat that has poisonous saliva. It has sharp claws and teeth. It leads Raties. Pelagus. Title: Power Rat, Alias: Crafty Plunderer
  • Raties: coyote-sized rats that lack poisonous saliva, but still have sharp teeth and claws. Can be summoned by Ratrios.Pelagus. Title: Helper Rat, Alias: Accomplice Thief
  • Carrosovia: a Deviljho sized,grey,striped brute wyvern. Has longer arms to its body size, and also they are stronger then other brute wyverns. Its face is like gorgonopsid with larger fangs. Its claws are sharp so that they can grip the cliffs. Its toes are spread out like our hands. Brute Wyvern. Title: Ancient Wyvern, Alias: Living Fossil
  • Vultrice: A large Rathalos-sized vulture. It has long tail-feathers, and its face is covered with small feathers. Bird. Title: High-Altitude Vulture, Alias: Flying Opportunistic
  • Jaguarodice: a large,12ft tall, snow-leopard shaped monster. It can fire ice at its prey. Pelagus. Title: Ice Jaguar, Alias: Cliff King
  • Ticlisho: A lemur monster that uses acrobatic moves to lower the hunters guard. It’s attacks can range from claw swipes, wall-jumping lunges, and a spray that causes the stench affect.It also has younger forms called Ticli that may attack you when fighting Ticlisho. Pelagus Title: Giant Lemur,Alias:Tree Acrobat
  • Ticli: Smaller versions of Ticlisho that cannot spray, or wall jump, Size of congas. Pelagus Title:Small Lemur, Alias: Tree Jumpers.
  • Maiogairaki : A large fanged-wyvern that lives in the volcano, savannas,canyons,and deserts. Its legs are even in height.It is much more limber.It has black, hard scales that protect him from attacks. He can breathe fire, and fire a heat beam when enraged. He attacks more with jumps and charges.His jump can be followed by: a spin facing player,if it missed, and jump again(it can happen four times),a blast of fire, a bite, a ground pound,a roar, and a tail swipe. Its head is like tigrex, but much more straight, and it has horns that are more like spikes at the end(like tigrex.)Its legs are much more reptilian than mammalian. Fanged Wyvern Title:Swift Inferno Wyvern, Alias: Inferno Shadow
  • Kaiclikou: A large Wyvern That looks much like Archaeopteryx.It flies around much like rathalos. It is capable breathing fire, or blasting it in one big fireball. In Rage Mode it becomes fierce, where the red,yellow,and blue feathers become extremely vibrate: It can grab hunters in the air with its talons and scrape them along the trunk of a tree in the Kairu Forest. Wyvern. Title: SkyFire Wyvern, Alias: Forest Fire
  • Dokuru: A large fisher-cat like monster. It easily adapts to water and loves it, but it also can move swiftly on land.It can shoot water at you and damage you,and It can fire ice at you in winter in Daiaku Forest and Darrrukair Plateau.When enraged its eyes become sapphire blue.It can easily deal a chunk of your health away in a charge. Pelagus Title: Aqua Pelagus Alias: Loose Cannon
  • Karrukka: A large hyena pelagus that has armor degrading saliva.He attacks relentlessly with charges,bites,claw swipes,jumps,projectile throwing(rocks from its mouth),and roars,but if he has an opening it stays for a long time.Poison,paralysis, traps, and sleep have long duration on him. Its sense of smell can detect shock traps till it goes into rage mode.If it pins you it bites your leg and you have to use an attack move in a short time or else it will hurt you much more.It is a natural pack leader and controls the younger Karaka into doing his bidding. He makes laughs, clicks, howls,yelps,growls, and yelps to make its quarry feel uneasy. Pelagus Title: Cryptic Fanged Beast Alias:Mob Father
  • Karaka: a smaller version of Karrukka that can’t pin,throw rocks from its mouth or defense down saliva.It can make all the vocalizations, but they are higher pitched than the Karrukka’s. Pelagus Title:Scapegoat Fanged Beast, Alias: Grunt Dogs
  • Akura Terrakai: A scorpion carapacean(related to akura vashimu and akura jebia). It has extremely large crystals on itself except for its face,bottom side of its legs, bottom side of the tail, and its underbelly.The crystals require one sharpness above the average sharpness of the rank to break( low rank: blue, high rank:purple, g rank:black, and hardcore: silver.) the giant crystal at the end of its tail is shaped like a cone.It can crawl on the volcanic cave ceiling and blast either a crystal beam, or a heat beam when enraged. When in rage all its physical moves deal crystallization.It can do produce a sleeping gas with a special gland on its underbelly and expel it like an uragaan.
  • Black Urukususu : A black Urukususu. It has developed much stronger legs so it can jump high.It can adapt to the swamps or to the cliffs. It is slightly thinner than a regular urukususu. They are unrelenting and don’t stand on their hind legs as much(and so are regular urukususu now.) Pelagus Title:Black Rabbit Beast Alias: Unseen Shadow
  • Green Rangurotora:A green Rangurotora that has sharper claws. It can climb sharp ledges. Its saliva can poison you when it’s in rage mode. It charges more than a regular Rangurotora. They are unrelenting and don’t stand on their hind legs as much(and so are regular rangurotora now.)Pelagus Title: Green Shell Beast, Alias: Tree Roller
  • Bronze Aoashira: An Aoashira that has developed to a drier and warmer habitat. It is larger, but thinner than a regular Aoshira. The spikes on it’s fore arms are larger. It’s able to release large gusts of wind when it roars. When enraged its spikes can poison you.It also can throw chunks of rock at you.They are unrelenting and don’t stand on their hind legs as much(and so are regular Aoashira.)Pelagus Title:Bronze Fanged Beast, Alias: Poison Bear
  • Emerald Lagiacrus: A green-on-top,white-on-bottom lagiacrus that has dragon element.When underwater it can start swimming fast in a circle, and create an underwater tornado which can pick up rocks,logs,bombs, bowgun ammo and arrows shot at it and send them back.When it roars the tornado explodes out and can damage hunters with water element.On land it can create a stream of dragon element(regular ones can does this with their respective element) and breathe it.They can even aim it towards hunters. Leviathan Title: Sea Dragon, Alias: Newly-Discovered dragon
  • Brown Gobul: A gobul that is colored brown to camouflage itself into the leafs and decaying matter on the jungle floor to cover itself. When charging it can put it spikes up and roll, and when it’s in rage it can roll for a couple seconds.When it swishes its tail thunder element comes out on both sides.It will still retreat to the water.Leviathan Title:Cloak Leviathan, Alias: Spiked Fish
  • Crimson Hapurubotsuka: A crimson hapurubotsuka that lives in the volcano. It will fight without being underground(regular ones also do this now) containing a charge, gas(paralysis, and fire)explosion,double bite,charge and bite, tail whip, side ways bite,sliding, a fire tunnel( for regular hapurubotsuka a wind tunnel) and a short range( approximately12 feet long, three feet high) jump.It digs in hard rock, and can swim through lava. Leviathan Title:Fire Mouth Wyvern, Alias: Volcanic Glutton
  • Red Gurenzeburu: A red gurenzeburu who breathes flame instead of water.When he slams on the ground in the volcano lava bursts out just like the akantor’s roar sends out lava bursts.His horn, back spikes,tail spikes,claws and markings are blue while the scales are red.When he stabs his horn in the ground the lava underneath will burn hunters if they walk over it till it eventually bursts and the ground is back to normal.When he sends out his tail spikes the area where the tail spikes land are more likely to see lava bursts.He has a wvvern blast(wyvern fire.) Flying Wyvern ,Title:Red Barbarian Wyvern, Alias: Red Barbarian
  • Gold Amatsumagatsuchi: A golden colored Amatsumagatsuchi that has thunder element. His water blast inflicts water,dragon, and thunder element damage. It can cover its tornados with electricity to inflict more damage.When enraged his wind barrier becomes infused with electricity which damages hunters within it like teostra and lunastra ( regular Amatsumagatsuchi only have a wind barrier in rage.) He also can infuse electricity with his physical moves in rage. Elder Dragon Title: Thunderstorm Dragon, Alias: Lightning Serpent
  • Purple Doboruberuku: A purple dodoruberuku. Its tail and its black horns are tipped with poison. The moss that grows on them is purple, and their skin has turned dark purple as a result of this.The humps store fat and poison that it can release in a gas form. A new attack is when it starts spinning, instead of jumping into the air, it anchors itself to the ground, and lets its tail slam onto somebody and it’ll release poison. It doesn’t do this all the time. Brute Wyvern, Title: Purple Tail Hammer Wyvern, Alias: Poisoned Hammer
  • Silver Jinouga: A silver jinouga that uses water instead of lightning to fight its foes. It gathers water vapor from the surrounding air(by doing the same animation that regular jinouga use to gather lightning) and either superheats the water to create steam to shoot from its tail( that deals fire and water damage, along with fire blight), or send it out from it’s mouth in a liquid and forelegs(ground pound) in a liquid form at high speeds (regular water.)When it does the howling rain. Instead of lightening, it release a whole bunch of steam that condenses in a matter of seconds and literally dumps all of its liquid in on stream.When its done gathering water the spikes and the tail emit steam, while the markings, horns, and face turn blue( as opposed to their regular gold markings.) Title: Silver Water Wolf Wyvern, Alias: Silver Water Tempest
  • Dracoferreglacies: A large fanged-wyvern that resembles a polar bear, except for its long tail, head, its reptilian,fur covered legs,and white scales running along its back.It can do slashes like a rajang does its punches.It can swim underwater because it sits and waits for marine animals like a polar bear, but it can hunt land animals extremely well also. Fanged Wyvern Title: Ice Bear Dragon, Alias: Dual Ice Dragon
  • Daiuka: a large seal that has the skin like a harp seal,head like a leopard seal,legs like a cat, and a tail.It can shoot water that gives water blight that turns into ice blight. Pelagus Title: Ice-Fanged Seal Title: Glacier Seal
  • Daiko:A smaller,adolescent, daiuka that can’t shoot water. Pelagus Title: Fanged Seal Alias: Ice Seal
  • Dorokoro: A penguin that has a cormorant-like physique, but retains the black and white tux, and a yellow throat.It can spray ice and water at you. It can swim fast. Bird Title: Ice Bird, Alias: Ice Water Bird
  • Dokora:An adolescent Dorokoro that can’t spray ice or water at you. Bird
  • Walruoso: A Walrus-like pelagus that is slimmer, white, and has shorter tusks. Pelagus Title: Pack Ice Seal, Alias: Calm Ice Seal

Attack Differences in the Hardcore Rank

(Monsters in frontier won’t get covered (subspecies are the same besides the special exclusive moves (attack range will always increase (Jade Alatreon gets its own section)

  • Nargacuga:His tail whips send out spikes.Tail slam send out spikes.Bites are chained three times, and can be followed by a jump, spin, or slash.Tail whips move him forward, and he can do a dual tail whip.
  • Monoblos(and White Monoblos): He stabs his horn into the ground multiple times. He can connect his charges.His roar damages hunters who are up close.It also blasts sand and debris out.His charge can be chained up to four times, or it can have a u-turn.
  • Lunastra: The same as hardcore teostra.
  • Ukanlos: He can aim his ice beam and continue to move it towards you. His tail whip sends out rocks.He can fire his ice beam right as he slams the ground.Roar sends out ice chunks.Swimming causes ice chunks to be flung out to the sides. When digging ice chunks fly out.
  • Great Jaggi: He can hip-check after his tail swipe, and it can be chained. He can jump at you. His spin bite can be a full 360, done twice, and then followed by either a tail whip or hip check. He can use his mouth to fling rocks.
  • Great Baggi: His sleep spit can be shot out multiple times(like hypnocatrice), and it can in the form of a high pressure stream that damages you( it keeps the move adjustments of the Great Jaggi too.)
  • Dosufurogi: His bites can poison you, and his poison cloud explodes. ( it has the same move adjustments as Great Jaggi and Great Baggi( baggi sleep spit replaced with poison respectively.)
  • Qurupecco( and Crimson Qurupecco): It’ll release its spit in a wider range, and when it does its flint explosion on them(both regular and subspecies) they explode. Their flint explosion can continue for ten times. It can do a tail flip when in the air, and the air rushing does damage. It can call while it’s airborne.When it slips at the end of a charge it can immediately get back up and charge again. It can move in any direction when it spins.
  • Barroth ( and Ice Barroth): His tail whip can move him forward and send out mud/ice. His mud/ice fling explode.His charge can be done three times in a row. His head smash will cause mud/ice(wind press when without mud/ice) to fling in every direction.Any charge that starts when it has mud/ice on it sends out mud/ice.
  • Gobul( and Brown Gobul):Their whisker flash is immediately followed by a triple bite. His tail whip will make a 360. His bite can be combo’ed for six times.The roll continues for longer and can curve more. At the end of the vacuum breath(underwater) it might blast the water instead of bite. His charge can be combo’ed three times.
  • Royal Ludroth( and Purple Royal Ludroth): He can create water streams, and his water balls explode.His water/poison slam the water/poison goes farther than the quake.His “drunken charge” can be combo’ed six times, and any move may immediately follow.His underwater tail whip causes water to go farther and hurt you.His roll goes farther, can turn faster, can immediately be followed by another roll twice after, and can start from a slam.Underwater charges can be linked seven times.
  • Lagiacrus(and Emerald Lagiacrus):The level of electricity(or dragon element if the subspecies) is much greater when he is fully charged.His hip check can be chained up to five times. He can make a u-turn slide.His tail whip underwater causes water to rise up even farther.He can shoot an electrical(or dragon if subspecies) wyvernblast(like rathian.)He can do a bite-and-drag like fatalis, but extremely fast.He can do a triple electrical/dragon ball shoot.
  • Jinouga(and Silver Jinouga): His 360 spin has 4 different levels: level one is when it’s not charged(filled if subspecies) it sends out wind that can knock you back, level two is when he’s slightly charged up and an electric(water if subpecies) stream is around the tail, at level three he is fully charged and his entire body is covered in electricity,(water if subspecies) and level four is when he’s enraged in which a massive sphere of electricity(water if subspecies) covers him from the body to the tail, and you can only see a dark area in the middle that is jinouga.It can chain this up to three times, and if it lands on his forelegs he will jump back up to do his jump slam.His jump slam sends electricity(steam if subspecies) at varying levels depending on his state of charge(fill if subspecies). When charging(filling if subspecies) up every now and then his body becomes enveloped by electricity(steam if subspecies) like khezu which causes damage upon touch.In rage he can either envelope his attacks in electricity(water or steam if subspecies), or not.It all depends on the level of charge before he became in rage.No charge:no electricity(water if subspcecies), little charge: somewhat enveloped, and fully charged: fully enveloped by thunder(water if subspecies) element. He can chain his ground pounds up to eight times, and even jump in between them and start again.His electric throw can be chained up to three times, and it can send up to five electrical( water if subspecies) balls when in rage and was fully charged beforehand.He can also shoot a beam of electricity(water if subspecies), and when in rage he can move it.His upward charge can be followed by a roar that sends down lightning(water if subspecies.)
  • Deviljho: His stagger-bite can also become a stagger-hip-check. His hip-check can immediately be followed by a tail whip or bite. His roar can damage hunters, and it can send debris that can inflict an elemental blight.He can move side to side(like he is doing his side to side advance) and throw a rock every time he gets to one side.He can also throw a big boulder that breaks apart. His dragon breathe can either have an extremely forward range, and follow the regular path, or a full 360 dragon breathe that reaches 140% farther than just a regular rank dragon breathe.


You have arrived in Keiaku village,in an area outside of the guild’s boundaries, after finding a hunter wanted poster in your hometown.The village welcomes you with full arms.The village chief has told you that drought has made the rains appear less and less abundant,and your job is to hunt monsters that have been driven to attacking the village and its smaller settlements.You continue to earn your Hunter’s License.You finally face Keiroosku. After that you learn that a Maiogairaki has been spotted in the savanna,and the chief assumes that is what is causing the droughts .A while after you kill Maiogairaki( when you reach ten star quests) a villager spots a Tikarishou. You have been told that it resides in an isolate area of the Derashiou cliffs,but the guild won’t let you hunt it.The chief tells you that he knew that Tikarishou caused the drought,and he wanted the new hunter to slay it.The problem is that a special guild agency wants to use Tikarishou for war,so the chief signs a quest to slay it, that isn’t certified by the guild, but he wants you to train much more to get yourself ready.When you kill Tikarishou you are banned from hunting in areas in the guild’s territory(every area besides Zianticka Plains)till they(after going on three quests) are informed of the agency’s plan, and you are allowed to hunt again as a hero.


( number of areas don’t include the four base camps)

     Keiaku Village: The hunters’s hometown. A village that includes houses, the village hall, where the elder and his vice chief and advisor on issues are, the training school, where Iron-beard teaches you how to hunt and it also allows you to practice on beasts that you’ve encountered which is also the stadium, the market, an area with the felyne lady, she sells felyne chefs and felyne comrades, the Hunter’s Necessity Item Shop, where you buy many things you need, Weapons and Armor Shop, where you build and customize armor, and the Cheap Stuff Stand, where you can buy other items that are used for combining. Your house includes your bed which has the same purpose as earlier games, and the felyne kitchen, where your felyne cook and your felyne comrades train.There is Baki Farm that serves the purpose of Pokke Farm. Trenya is back and can give him Baki Points to go somewhere and retrieve you items.The village’s overall look changes with the seasons .
    Dishou City: A thriving city near Terra valley. It includes a guild hall.It has it’s own stadium.There is an item shop that is ran by felynes, and there is the wyverian manager.There is a weapon and armor outfitter and crafter. The crafter is human while the actual manager is wyverian. There is no felyne Granny. There is a building where hunters can order felyne food,arm wrestle,play poker, and box.

Mogara Coast: A rocky coast where the Ikiary river drains into. Many caves are here. The eastern coast. Has twenty two areas, twelve above-water without caves,two above water that are caves, eight in water. At night it can get very cloudy which makes some areas almost too dark to pass through without a torch.It can rain throughout most of the year. The tides change throughout the day and night.

Terra Valley: a large valley on the Terra Plateau where lake Kerushako rests and where the Ilkiary river starts. Most of the areas are treeless and flat.There are a few caverns where a underground river carves through the ground.West of Mogara Coast. Eighteen areas, ten plains areas, two tree filled areas, two riverside areas, four underground caverns. At night the caves require a torch to pass through.A meteor shower can be seen on occasion.During winter it rarely rains.

Iokshiobara Boarder. a tropical coast where a soft beach and the Caracaru Jungle boarder. Some areas are filled with jungle trees. Western Coast Twenty eight areas, eight under water, ten on the beach, ten in the jungle. The tide rises to cover most of the sand at night.It can rain at any time.

Caracaru Jungle: A large jungle that the Ilkiary river flows through.There are a few caves.Next to the Iokshiobara Boarder. there are twenty six areas ten just jungle, six jungle clearing, six underwater, in the river, four cave areas. At night it becomes noisy with calls.It can rain at any time.Torrentially in the spring and summer, and a little less during fall and winter. It can also become misty.

Derashiou Cliffs: A set of amazing cliffs along the Darrrukair plateau. Has some caves. Has twenty two areas. Twelve wide open arena areas, six cave areas, four mountain paths. At night light snow can start falling in spring at the highest areas.In summer it can’t snow and rains instead, fall is just like spring, and winter it snows most of the time.Lightning can come down when clouds form.Monsters such as Gurenzeburu leave the cliffs in winter and move to warmer areas. Carrosovia and Deviljho stay and endure the winter.

Teockooma Volcano: a large volacanic area near Makaia Mountain Range. Has many volcanic caves.The Fhionagi Delta boarders it to the southwest. Twenty areas, ten lava areas, six volcano caves, one volcano peak, three lava-less areas. Nothing happens at night.Every ten to fifteen years volcanic activity rises.All the areas are extremely hot, and lava bursts happen much more often.Volcanic ash may hinder sight in some areas,the lava is much more active, and it can damage you farther away from it.

Makaia Mountain Range: the highest mountain range in the land. has many caves. The Tiogaru lake is here and where the Fhionagi River starts.The most north area. Thirty areas, six mountain meadows, ten snow covered forest areas, six mountain caves, eight mountain peaks. It snows at night during spring and fall.In summer only areas above the tree-line have snow. In summer it can rain. Sometimes diamond dust falls.

Geluora Peninsula: A large,arctic, peninsula that has many ice flows. During fall and winter it can freeze. It’s a tundra inland after the pebbly coast. Twenty-four areas. Six are tundra areas, ten ice packs with the ocean under it, five coastal areas, and three glacier mountains that represents area six of the tundra.

Tisharia Canyon: a large deep desert canyon carved by the Fhionagi River. Very steep. Has many caves.It also houses the Tisharia lake,the main source of water. has twenty six areas, six above the canyon, four along the canyon, four oasis areas,ten at the bottom of the canyon, two cave areas. The wind can pick up and drastically change the range and accuracy arrows and bullets. It can rain in the spring and summer.

Darrrukair Plateau : a snowy tundra on a plateau with many caves. It holds lake Teko, and has some unfrozen streams because of it being on a volcanic hotspot. Yet its high elevation makes the place extremely cold.North of Teockooma Volcano. Twenty-two areas Twelve barren with ice areas,six stream areas in which the stream can be swam through,four caves. At night a blizzard comes through in spring, fall and winter.Areas loose much snow in the spring and summer.Entire areas in summer loose snow to represent the Arctic tundra in summer, but the caves and the highest areas are still covered in ice and are ice-cold.

Zianticka Plains: A large savannah which the Fhionagi River flows through. There are rock hills with cliffs which have caves. Next to Terra Valley. Has twenty six areas, eight cliff areas, four lake areas, two pond areas, twelve savanna areas. At night it stays dry, but at the western areas it starts to sprinkle with rain in the fall.In winter it will not rain.In spring it will be raining heavily through the night and sometimes the day, and may sprinkle during the day.

Fhionagi Delta: a large estuary,lagoon,bayou,Amazon river-like area that is boardered by an ocean to the west and boarders the Caracaru Jungle to the northwest and north, but boarders Teockooma Volcano to the northeast. Twenty five areas, four amazon river basin like areas that have land along the Fhionagi River, five Bayou areas although one of those areas has land,two lagoons and the land surrounding them are one area, four estuary areas , a small island on the estuary,a small island one of the lagoons,four mangrove swamp areas,four cave areas.It can rain at any time, but it rains torrentially at night during the spring and summer most of the time.It can be misty at any time,and then it can clear at any time.

Tiakari Desert. A mostly soft sand desert that boarders a harder rock desert area. Has underground caves. Has above and underground oasis. Has twenty-four areas ten soft desert,eight rocky desert,four above ground oasis's, one underground lake area, one cave area. It becomes bone chilling cold at night. sandstorms can pass through,most of the time in winter, and damage all life forms without face nets.It rains every spring,but every 3-5 springs it rains torrentially. Plant life booms, and monster activity increases during this “Torrent Time” as dubbed by local tribes.

Daiaku Forest: a boreal and temperate forest that boarders the Makaia Mountain range where lake Gaia resides.It has some caves and streams. has 30 areas twelve boreal, ten temperate forest,four lake and river areas, four clearing areas. At night it is clear and is filled with stars.but it could change to rainy in the spring or summer to snowing in fall or winter.The leafs on the trees change color with the season.

Kairu Forest: A tropical forest that is only made up of two hundred trees and and spans hundreds of mile.The trees are tall and thick. They even dwarf Raviente. This is the only area where the size of the areas can change during the quest. If a monster exerts too much force on the thinner branches and vines(over time or suddenly) a portion of the area will collapse. The monster, and the hunting party fall if they are within the radius of the collapse.Any hunters using items will be caught off guard and be damaged when they go to the next area.The area will stay when almost all of the area has collapsed, and that part won’t collapse. It affects which monsters go where and when.There are a total of thirty areas. Eight areas are at the forest floor,eight areas are on branches and vines that are covered by the canopy, six areas are in the canopy, four large caves with parts of an underground spring/aquifer,and four areas are inside the trees. The weather during the day can change from sunny to rainy. At night when it changes to rain thunder storms send lightning down that can damage the hunters.In the spring large flowers bloom and fruit becomes so abundant that monsters travel to the area. The flowers are also gathering points for plants and insects.Insect and plant life becomes much more abundant in these times.

Kisho Fortress: A huge fortress to protect the town of Kisho from the large monsters that move along the Kisho valley. It comes with canons, ballistas, and a dragonator. Ioprey frequently attack because they are fleeing from the large monsters.Along the northern coast. Six areas, one area with the fortress wall, one with a viewing wall on which you can fire canons like the fortress area,four traveling areas. It rains at night, but it can be clear or cloudy too.

Kisho: an old part of the town plagued with wyvern, and elder dragon attacks. Twelve areas one old city square, four alleys, four demolished buildings(on the rubble with some pillars),three market areas. It can rain at any time of the day.

Makaia Peak: The Highest Peak in the land. Where the Makaia Glacier starts.Two areas one with glacier runoff, the other lacking any. There is usually a blizzard at night.During most winters quests involving this area are on hold till spring,but if the quest is an event quest or the winter is mild they will appear.

Teockooma River: a river of lava that has sharp banks along it. There’s a turn that takes you to a valley where there are many pools of lava. Three areas two along the river, and one valley.

Mogara Ruins: a tower on a small island off Mogara Coast that has been destroyed for centuries. An underwater town surrounds the tower.Six-teen areas four outside the tower, four underwater areas, one rooftop,five inside the tower. Nothing happens at night besides getting darker.

Caracaru’s Abandoned Temple: A once thriving temple in the heart of the Caracaru Jungle on Mount. Tisho that was abandoned long ago. Jade Alatreon has since declared this area his home.Only one area which is a large temple that has been covered by jungle plants, but remnants can be seen.It can rain at any time, and lightening can rain down on the battlefield.

Derashiou’s Forbidden Cliffs: A secluded area of Derashiou Cliffs that has many steam vents and hot water pools. Tikarishou has made this area his home. There is only one area to this area it is the actual arena.

Sea of Sands: a large barren valley full of sand. Boats can sail through it. Two areas one where the boat is sailing through the soft sand, area two is where the hard-rock desert meets the sea of sands the boat is still and neither end is facing Jhen Moren.

Garrakia Island:An island many miles off the Mogara Coast. It has many geysers.One area, the open valley.

The Sea of Clouds: The sky over a high,uncharted,plateau.This is where you face Amatsumagatsuchi. You start off in an airship where you battle it much like Jhen Mohran, but it moves much more,you can’t get on it, and it can send blasts of water and air tornados at you. Amatsumagatsuchi can bump the ship from underneath it, and it sends hunters,felynes, and canon balls up.If you get hit by the canon balls you take extra damage, but it can also damage Amatsumagatsuchi too.When you reach the plateau it enters the second phase which is basically the regular fight, but you have the ship where you can use the dragonator,ballista,and canons to hit it, but you can’t let the integrity go to zero or else you fail, but it will just follow the hunters like it regularly does unlike Jhen Mohran.

Tika Stadium: The training center for young hunters (the training school) and people from all over the country visit this coliseum in Dishou City

Village Chief Quest Hunting Quests

( The time of day that is in the real world is the time you initiate the quest)

H.R. Diamond

talk to Vice Village Chief (key quests of each rank^)(must complete 75% of all quests which include key quests to unlock the urgent quest)

  • The Three Minions: hunt four jaggi,velociprey, and keiros Mogara Coast ( urgent quest to unlock Double diamond )
  • A Voracious Eater: hunt Pariap Tisharia Canyon ^
  • Popo High in The Mountains: hunt Four Popo Makaia Mountain Range
  • The Mossy pigs: hunt Twelve Mosswine Terra Valley
  • Mogo Search: hunt Six Mogo Zianticka Plains
  • Thinning the Congas: Hunt Two congas Iokshiobara Boarder
  • The Double Bug Hunt: Hunt Five Vespoids and five Bnahabra Tisharia Canyon
  • Antlers Galore: Hunt Six Antenkas Makaia Mountain range
  • Two Sizes: Hunt Two Aptonoth and Two Kelbi Terra Valley ^
  • A Meaty Substitute: Hunt Four Epioth Mogara Coast ^
  • The Armored Crab: Hunt Two Hermitaur Iokshiobara Boarder
  • The Big Birds: hunt five Gavua Terra Valley
  • On The Cliffs: Hunt two Erupe and one Burukku Derashiou Cliffs
  • Pest Extermination: four Raties Mogara Coast ^
  • Coastal Hotline: Hunt Two Walruoso Geluora Peninsula

H.R. Double Diamond

  • Hunt the Blango Gang: Hunt four blangos
  • Carabi Catch: hunt five Carabi Daiaku Forest
  • Three Little Pigs: hunt three bullfango Fhionagi
  • A Desert Herbivore: hunt four Rhenplos Tisharia Canyon
  • Two Gangs, One House: hunt six baggie and six giaprey Makia Mountain Range ^
  • The Delex and Genprey Bunches: Hunt eight genprey and six delex Tiakari Desert
  • The Crazy Canines: Hunt four Marmos Zianticka Plains
  • Seals: Hunt Two Daiko Geluora Peninsula
  • Ice Water Birds: Hunt Three Dokoro Geluora Peninsula
  • A Lava Crab: hunt a Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano
  • The Spiky Club: hunt four apceros Tisharia Canyon ^
  • The Green Bugs: hunt six altaroth Tiakari Desert
  • The Sand Sharks: hunt cephalos Zianticka Plains
  • The Volcanic Bunch: Hunt three Furogyi Teockooma Volcano
  • The Cave Kids: hunt two Khezparios and two Gigiparios Darrrukair Plateau ^
  • The Shining Bugs: Hunt Three Great Thunderbug Caracaru Jungle
  • The Water Beasts: Hunt Two Ludroth Mogara Coast
  • Small Sharks: hunt Four Plesos Fhionagi Delta ^
  • The Frog-Skinned Raptors: hunt four ioprey Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Two of The Same: hunt four jaggi and two jaggia Terra Valley
  • A Blue Menace: hunt six velociprey Terra Valley
  • A Red Raptor: Hunt Four Keiros Caracaru Jungle ^
  • The Hunter, Velocidrome: Hunt Velocidrome Zianticka Plains( Gets Hunter License/ unlocks H.R. * quests)

HR. *

  • The Flying Snakes: hunt six Remobras Caracaru Jungle
  • The Big Bad Bulldrome: hunt the Bulldrome Zianticka Plains ^
  • A Powerful Pest: Hunt a Ratrios Terra Valley ( urgent for H.R. **)
  • A Double Grub Hunt: hunt two giggi whelps and mine two khezu whelps Makaia Mountain Range
  • Striped Hide: Hunt Velocidrome Terra Valley
  • Three Gangs With One Stone: hunt eight Genprey, six Delex, and four Cephalos Tiakari Desert
  • Ice Elephants: hunt two Mamos Darrrukair Plateau ^

HR. **

  • Taking Out Yian Kut-ku: hunt one Yian Kut-ku Iokshiobara Boarder ^
  • The Great One: hunt the Great Jaggi Mogara Coast ^
  • Same Monster Blue Coat: hunt a Blue Yian Kut-Ku Iokshiobara Boarder
  • The Jaws of The Sand: hunt one Cephadrome Tiakari Desert ^
  • Swimming Birds: hunt twelve Comoroty Mogara Coast
  • A Mountain Menace: hunt a Giadrome Makaia Mountain Range
  • A Red Reptile: hunt an Iodrome Fhionagi Delta ^
  • A Desert Danger: hunt one Gendrome Tisharia Canyon
  • Pelt of The Yoxen: hunt twelve Yoxen Derashiou Cliffs
  • Many Rhenplos: hunt twenty Rhenplos Tiakari Desert
  • Kut-Ku Catch: Capture Yian Kut-Ku Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Bad Monsters: hunt ten Orugarons Daiaku Forest
  • Remember To Jump: Hunt Eight Ticli Kairu Forest^
  • A Walking Ray: Hunt a Razalulentae Mogara Coast (Urgent quest to unlock H.R. ***)

HR. ***

  • A Colorful Trickster: hunt one Qurupecco Mogara Coast ^
  • A Sleeping Bird: Hunt Hypnocatrice Caracaru Jungle (Urgent quest for H.R. ****)
  • Along The Cliffs: hunt Khezu Derashiou Cliffs
  • Two Monsters: Hunt Cephadrome and Delexus Tiakari Desert
  • The Giant Crab: hunt one Daimyo Hermitaur Tiakari Desert ^
  • Crab Catch: Capture Daimyo Hermitaur Caracaru Jungle( has a conch shell when broken can receive a giant conch in the rewards)
  • Trapped: hunt a Yian Kut-Ku and a Bue Yian Kut-Ku Iokshiobara Boarder
  • A Trickster and A Killer: hunt a Qurupecco and a Gendrome Tiakari Desert
  • Lizard In The Snow: hunt Great Baggi Darrrukair Plateau ^
  • An Ugly Dual: hunt a Gypceeros: Fhionagi Delta
  • Flash Recoil: Capture Gypceros Iokshiobara Boarder
  • A Spider Gang: hunt Four Arachnos Mogara Coast
  • The Meeting of Ice Raptors: hunt one Great Baggi and one Giadrome Makaia Mountain Range
  • A Cave Monster: hunt Khezu Fhionagi Delta ^
  • Two-Horned Menace: hunt Magogo Zianticka Plains
  • A Desert Dolphin: hunt Delexus Tiakari Desert

HR. ****

  • A Water Menace: hunt a Plesioth Mogara Coast ^
  • Fishing For Plesioth: Capture Plesioth Fhionagi Delta
  • The Lava Lizards: hunt Eight Uroktor Teockooma Volcano
  • A Coat of Purple: hunt the Purple Gypceros Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Three Big Bad Boars: hunt Three Bulldromes Tisharia Canyon
  • Leader in The Volcano: Hunt Dosufurogi Teockooma Volcano
  • The Woolly Behemoth: hunt one Mammosos Darrrukair Plateau
  • Mammosos Round Two( have to finish “The Woolly Behemoth” quest):hunt one Mammosos Daiaku Forest
  • Uncharted Territory: Hunt Four Karraka Zianticka Plains^
  • A Deadly Catch: hunt a plum Daimyo Hermitaur Caracaru Jungle ( has a conch shell which can yield a giga conch when broken)
  • A Jungle Beast: hunt a Congalala Caracaru Jungle ^
  • The Spike of Death: hunt Apcerodon Tiakari Desert
  • The Rival In Red: hunt the Keiroosku Zianticka Plains( Urgent quest to unlock HR. *****)
  • The Water Beast: hunt Royal Ludroth Mogara Coast ^
  • The Mound Monster: hunt Basarios Teockooma Volcano
  • The Monster of The Lake: hunt Barroth Zianticka Plains ^
  • The Spiked Fish: hunt Gobul Fhionagi Delta ^
  • A Young Queen: hunt Rathi Mogara Coast ^
  • Double Trouble: hunt Great Jaggi and Velocidrome Terra Valley
  • The Young King: hunt Ratho Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Return To Sender: hunt the Great Jaggi called by Qurupecco and hunt Qurupecco Caracaru Jungle ^
  • An Azure Bird: hunt Azure Hypnocatrice Terra Valley
  • A Green Killer: hunt Green Plesioth Fhionagi Delta
  • Ice Raptors: Hunt Giadrome and Great Baggi Geluora Peninsula
  • Call Felyne Control: hunt Ten Felynes and Ten Melynx Kisho

HR. *****

  • Another Battle: hunt Keiroosku Mogara Coast
  • Water Ice: Hunt Daiuka Geluora Peninsula
  • A Red Coat: hunt a Red Khezu Makaia Mountain Range
  • A Swamp Monster: hunt Salamoonda Fhionagi Delta ^
  • A Bright Beak: hunt a Bright Hypnocatrice Caracaru Jungle
  • A Cave Creature: hunt Gigginox Makaia Mountain Range ^
  • An Icy Bird: hunt Tiario Darrrukair Plateau ^
  • Bear In The Forest: Hunt Aoashira Daiaku Forest ^
  • The Green Giant: Hunt Emerald Congalala Caracaru Jungle
  • Top Twenty: hunt twenty Delex Sea of Sands
  • The Cobra Wyvern: hunt Remobracene Caracaru Jungle^
  • A Bug Queen: hunt one Queen Vespoid Fhionagi Delta
  • Wag The Dog: hunt Daimyo Hermitaur and Plum Daimyo Hermitaur Tisharia Canyon
  • The Ice Monster: hunt Blangonga Makaia Mountain Range( urgent quest to unlock HR. ******)
  • The Force of Three: hunt Great Jaggi, Keiroosku, Velocidrome Terra Valley^
  • Pecco Red: Hunt Crimson Qurupecco Teockooma Volcano

HR. ****** Must talk to the Chief

  • Electrical Cave Nightmare: Hunt Gold Gigginox Darrukair Plateau
  • CaptureThe Shine of Night: Hunt Kirin Makaia Mountain Range
  • Underestimated Ice Bird: Hunt Dorokoro Geluora Peninsula
  • The White Phantom: Hunt Kirin Derashiou Cliffs ^
  • The Deadliest Catch: Hunt Salminodea Mogara Coast ^
  • A Gargantuan Yian: Hunt Yian Garuga Terra Valley
  • The Glutton: Hunt Pariapuria Tisharia Canyon ^
  • The Water Bird: Hunt Klyothiatone Mogara Coast ^
  • Bird In The Ice: Capture Klyothiatone Darrukair Plateau
  • Purple Ludroth: Hunt Purple Royal Ludroth Fhionagi Delta
  • Konga Garuaga: Hunt Emerald Congalala and Yian Garuga Kairu Forest
  • The Strange Hunters: hunt Twenty Shakalakas Terra Valley
  • A Single Horn: Hunt Monoblos Tiakari Desert
  • The Horrible Four: hunt four Bulldrome Makaia Mountain Range
  • Amphibious Wyvern: hunt Pariapurria Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Danger In The Cliffs: hunt Vultrice Derashiou Cliffs^
  • A Hunter In The Ice: hunt a Ice Barroth Darrrukair Plateau
  • Monster Unknown: Hunt Urukususu Makaia Mountain Range
  • The Ice Fish: hunt Ironious Darrrukair Plateau
  • The Shakalaka King: hunt King Shakalaka Caracaru Jungle
  • Giant Spider: hunt Arachnodioros Derashiou Cliffs
  • Tree-Web: Hunt Arachnodioros Kairu Forest
  • A Lava Fish: hunt Lavasioth Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Stop The Shock: hunt Kirin Kisho
  • Icy Bird: Hunt Two Tiaro Geluora Peninsula
  • Garuga’s Revenge: Hunt Two Yian Garuga Caracaru Jungle
  • The Sonic Cave Master: hunt Batoru Derashiou Cliffs
  • Seeing Two: hunt two Remobracene Terra Valley
  • The Dangerous Duo: hunt Two Royal Ludroth Mogara Coast
  • A Dangerous Pair: Hunt Ratho and Rathi Zianticka Plains ^
  • Two of Things: hunt Two Basarios Teockooma Volcano
  • A One Big Bird Family: hunt one Hypnocatrice, Azure Hypnocatrice, and Bright Hypnocatrice Caracaru Jungle Night
  • An Icy Pack: hunt six Mickar Darrrukair Plateau
  • Sliding Through The Sand: Hunt Hapurubotsuka Tiakri Desert
  • A Walking Wall: hunt Rhenoceros Zianticka Plains
  • Bronze Bear: Hunt Bronze Aoashira Zianticka Plains
  • Danger Ahead: Hunt Brown Gobul Caracaru Jungle
  • The Lava Monster: Hunt Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano
  • A Real Monster Crab: hunt Terra Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano ^
  • The Metallic Dragon: hunt Kushala Daora Makaia Mountain Range(Urgent quest to unlock HR. *******)

HR. *******

  • Introduce A Little Anarchy(must complete An Angered Queen and complete The Enraged King): hunt Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron Daiaku Forest (Urgent quest to unlock HR. ********)
  • A Jungle Scorpion: hunt Akura Jebia Caracaru Jungle^
  • The Big Bear: hunt White Bearusidae Makaia Mountain Range ^
  • Ice Along The Coast: Hunt Blangonga Geluora Peninsula
  • A Killer In The Woods: hunt Brown Bearusidae Daiaku Forest ^
  • Fire Mouth Wyvern: Hunt Crimson Hapurubotsuka Teockooma Volcano
  • A Desert Scorpion: hunt Akura Vashimu Tiakari Desert ^
  • Two Lava Crabs: hunt Terra Shogun Ceanataur and Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano
  • A Real Monster Crab: hunt Terra Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Far From Home: hunt Espinas Kisho
  • Polar Ice: Hunt White Bearusidae Geluora Peninsula
  • The Silver Horn: hunt White Monoblos Tiakari Desert
  • Stalked: hunt Two Giginox Derashiou Cliffs
  • An Angered Queen: hunt Nono Orugaron Daiaku Forest ^
  • A Triple Cave Battle: hunt Khezu,Red Khezu, and Gigginox Darrrukair Plateau
  • The Enraged King: hunt Kamu Orugaron Daiaku Forest ^
  • The Horned Wyvern: Capture Diablos Zianticka Plains ^
  • Into The Danger Zone: hunt Diablos Tiakari Desert
  • A Lava Wyvern: hunt Gravios Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Steel Deal: hunt Kushula Daora Teockooma Volcano
  • A Rusted Dragon: hunt Rusted Kushala Daora Caracaru Jungle
  • Armored Supremacy: Capture Gravios Fhionagi Delta
  • Land of The Lemur King:Hunt Ticlisho Kairu Forest^
  • A Copper Mammal: hunt Copper Blangonga Zianticka Plains
  • Cliff Hanger: hunt Galabanga Derashiou Cliffs ^
  • Capture Thy Climber: Capture Galabanga Zianticka Plains
  • The Jungle Dragon: hunt Espinas Caracaru Jungle ^
  • The Lava Brute: hunt a Uragaan Teockooma Volcano
  • A Forest Elder Dragon: hunt Chameleos Caracaru Jungle ^
  • Invisible Nemesis:hunt Chameleos Terra Valley
  • The Blangonga Meeting: hunt two blangongas Makaia Mountain Range
  • The Rock Beast: hunt Gravios Caracaru Jungle
  • Ring of Fire: hunt two Lavasioth Teockooma Volcano
  • A Big Return: hunt Tiaro that called Blangonga and hunt the Blangonga Makaia Mountain Range
  • Two Creeps: hunt two Batoru Caracaru Jungle
  • Far Distance Jump: Hunt Black Urukususu Derashiou Cliffs
  • Capture Bound: Capture Black Urukususu Fhionagi Delta
  • Red Rolling Monster: Hunt Rangurotora Teockooma Volcano
  • Moss Dragon: Hunt Doboruberuku Daiaku Forest
  • Forest Haven: Capture Doboruberuku Kairu Forest
  • Cryptic Shadow: Hunt Karrukka Zianticka Plains^
  • Catching Cryptical Beasts: Capture Karrukka Caracaru Jungle

HR. ********

  • The Sky King: hunt Rathalos Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Unexpected In the Forest: Hunt Green Rangurotora Kairu Forest
  • The Venomous Monster: hunt Viaparios Caracaru Jungle ^
  • The Jungle Horses: hunt two Kirin Caracaru Jungle
  • The Ruler of The Water: hunt Lagiacrus Mogara Coast ^
  • The Saber-toothed Wyvern: hunt Barioth Darrrukair Plateau
  • Crystal In The Fire: Hunt Akura Terrakai Teockooma Volcano
  • URM(Unidentified Rolling Monster): Hunt Steel Uragaan Teockooma Volcano
  • Waiting for Opportunity: Hunt Two Karrukka Tiakari Desert
  • Couple’s Retreat: Capture Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron Terra Valley
  • A Green Dragon: hunt Rathian Caracaru Jungle^
  • Black Horns: hunt Black Diablos Tiakari Desert
  • The Bad Wolf: hunt Miakari Darrrukair Plateau ^
  • White Wolf: Hunt Miakari Geluora Peninsula
  • Three’s A Crowd: hunt Blangonga,Great Baggi, Tiaro Makaia Mountain Range
  • An Angry Feline: hunt Leopardofelis Zianticka Plains
  • King of The Cliffs: hunt Jaguarodice Derashiou Cliffs
  • Coastal King: Hunt Dokuru Mogara Coast
  • Tail Hammer: Hunt Dobooruberuku Daiaku Forest
  • Forest Rain: Hunt Dokuru Daiaku Forest
  • A Rock Impersonator: hunt Black Gravios Teockooma Volcano
  • A Wyvern of Orange: hunt Orange Espinas Teockooma Volcano
  • Return To Sender... Again: hunt the Rathalos summoned by Qurupecco and hunt the Qurupecco Zianticka Plains
  • Rise From The Ashes: hunt Lunastra Teockooma Volcano
  • Humidity Drop: hunt Lunastra Fhionagi Delta
  • The King of The Crater: Hunt Teostra Teockooma Volcano
  • Tower Power: hunt Teostra Mogara Ruins
  • The Wyvern of Water: Hunt Caocarou Mogara Coast ^
  • Caocaru Relocation: Capture Caocarou Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Towards the Fire Clad King: Hunt Maiogairaki Zianticka Plains(Urgent to unlock H.R.*********)

HR. *********

  • The Thunder Dragon: Hunt Berukyurosu Tisharia Canyon( final quest of HR. *********/Unlocks A Crab On Stilts)
  • Inferno Beast: Hunt Maiogairaki Teockooma Volcano
  • Sun’s Shadow: Hunt Maiogairaki Tisharia Canyon
  • Catching Fire: Capture Maiogairaki Tiakari Desert
  • Flying Fire: Hunt Kaiclikou Zianticka Plains
  • Seen In Flame: Hunt Red Gurenzeburu Teockooma Volcano
  • Leviathan of The Fire: hunt Agnaktor Teockooma Volcano
  • Two Steel Dragons: hunt two Kushula Daoras Teockooma Volcano
  • The King of The Savanna: Hunt Tigrex Zianticka Plains
  • The Horrid Beast: hunt Rajang Zianticka Plains ^
  • The Thunder Clad King: hunt Jinouga Daiaku Forest ^
  • Capturing Lightening: Capture Berukyurosu Zianticka Plains ^
  • A Repeat: hunt Tigrex Makaia Mountain Range
  • Unthought-of Sea Dragon: Hunt Emerald Lagiacrus Iokshiobara Border^
  • The Jungle Emperor: hunt Nargacuga Caracaru Jungle ^
  • Tree Top Shadow: Hunt Nargacuga Kairu Forest
  • Poison In The Hammer: Hunt Purple Doboruberuku Fhionagi Delta
  • Meeting of The Hammers: Hunt Doboruberuku, and Purple Doboruberuku Kairu Forest
  • Barbarian Wyvern: hunt Gurenzeburu Derashiou Cliffs (this quest disappears during the winter.)
  • Gurenzeburu Study: Capture GurenzeburuTerra Valley
  • The Shadow In The Night: hunt Nargacuga Zianticka Plains
  • Simply Shocking: hunt two Rajang Kisho ^
  • Emerald Gaze In The Trees: Hunt Green Nargacuga Daiaku Forest
  • Whirlwind in Motion: Hunt Orange Barioth Tiakari Desert
  • Sandstorm In The Plains: Hunt Orange Barioth Zianticka Plains
  • Dual Storm: Hunt Two Orange Barioths Tisharia Canyon
  • The Deadly Scales of White: hunt White Espinas Caracaru Jungle ^
  • Sea Beasties: hunt two Lagiacrus Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Rampage: hunt Carrosovia Derashiou Cliffs ^
  • Treetop Battle: Hunt Carrosovia Kairu Forest
  • The Rampaging Brute: hunt Deviljo Tisharia Canyon^
  • Roars In The Canyon: hunt two Tigrex Tisharia Canyon ^
  • Killers: hunt Uragaan and Agnaktor Teockooma Volcano
  • Icy Fight: Hunt Ice Agnaktor Darrukair Plateau
  • The Azure Dragon: hunt Azure Rathalos Caracaru Jungle
  • A Dragon In Pink: hunt Pink Rathian Teockooma Volcano
  • The Beast: hunt Dyuragaua Daiaku Forest
  • The Lone Pelagus: hunt Rajang Tisharia Canyon
  • Another Unwanted Package: hunt Tiario that called the tigrex and hunt the tigrex Makaia Mountain Range
  • Azure King, Ice King: Hunt Dyuragaua,Azure Rathalos Kairu Forest
  • Deviljo The Terrible Beast: hunt Deviljo Mogara Coast ^
  • Another Sea Beast: hunt lagiacrus Fhionagi Delta ^
  • Invasion: hunt Dyurgaua Mogara Ruins ^
  • Dual Aoashira: Hunt Two Bronze Aoashira Tisharia Canyon
  • Into The Forest Fire: Hunt Kaiclikou Kairu Forest
  • Two Gluttons: hunt two Pariappuria Fhionagi Delta
  • Dual Danger In The Trees: Hunt Batoru and Arachnodioros The Kairu Forest
  • The Raven: hunt Tikashi Daiaku Forest ^
  • Evil in The Air: Capture Tikashi Terra Valley
  • Ice in The Park: Hunt Uganloktor Geluora Peninsula
  • Nice Ice: hunt Uganloktor Darrukair Plateau ^
  • Keep It Together: Capture Uganloktor Makaia Mountain Range
  • Blizzard Barioth: Hunt Two Barioth Geluora Peninsula
  • Ice Bear Dragon: Hunt Dracoferreglacies Geluora Peninsula^
  • Dual Fish: Hunt Two Ironious Geluora Peninsula
  • Tyrants Calling: Hunt Black Tigrex Teockooma Volcano
  • The Jungle’s Secret: Hunt Silver Jinouga Caracaru Jungle
  • Dual Surprise: Hunt Two Silver Jinouga Fhionagi Delta
  • Invisible Dragons: hunt Two Chameleos Fhionagi Delta
  • Hide and Seek: hunt Two Chameleos Caracaru Jungle
  • Golden Moon: hunt Gold Rathian Terra Valley ^
  • Temperate Shadow: hunt Nargacuga Daiaku Forest
  • The Mass Annihilator: hunt Tigrex Tiakari Desert
  • The Silver Sun: hunt Silver Rathalos Teockooma Volcano ^
  • The Dangerous Pair: hunt Rathian and Rathalos Terra Valley ^
  • A Crab On Stilts(Urgent to unlock H.R.***********): kill or repel Shen Gaoren Kisho Fortress

HR. **********

  • The Dragon of White(must slay crimson fatalis): hunt White Fatalis The Mogara Ruins
  • Fatalis The Dragon: hunt Fatalis Kisho Fortress (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane) ( stays in area six)
  • Crimson Death ( must slay fatalis): hunt Crimson Fatalis Teockooma River
  • The Unheard Legend: hunt Tikarishou Derashiou’s Forbidden Cliffs(Urgent after you win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • Shine of The Jade Sun: Hunt Jade Alatreon Caracaru Jungle’s Abandoned Temple ( Slay Crimson Fatalis to Unlock)
  • The Dragon of Legend: hunt Terrasaurodon Kisho Fortress ( must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert,suicide, and insane)
  • The Mountain Dragon: hunt Lao-Shan-Lung Kisho Fortress ( must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert,suicide, and insane)
  • The Mountain of Ash: hunt Ashen Lao-Shan-Lung Kisho Fortress ( must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Black Behemoth: hunt Akantor Teockooma River (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The White Behemoth: hunt Unkalos Makaia Peak (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Water Serpent: hunt Ceadeus Mogara Ruins (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • Alatreon The Volcano Dragon: hunt Alatreon Teockooma River (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • Fighting Electricity Itself: Hunt Golden Amatsumagatsuchi Sea of Clouds (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide,insane, and You must defeat an Amatsumagatsuchi)
  • Fighting a Mirage: Hunt Amatsumagatsuchi Sea of Clouds (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Giant Serpent: hunt Raviente Garrakia Island (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Floating Monster: hunt Yama Tsukami Mogara Ruins (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Great Monster: hunt Diorparous Teockooma River (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • The Desert Behemoth: hunt Jhen Moran Sea of Sands (must win battle at the coast,battle at the volcano, battle in the jungle, battle in the plains,battle in the desert, The Pair of Rulers ,suicide, and insane)
  • Battle At The Coast (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold, Trouble In Paradise , Land Of The Tremors): hunt Plesoith,Daiyomo Hermitaur,Lagiacrus, and Caocaru Mogara Coast
  • Battle In The Jungle (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise, Land Of The Tremors): hunt Rathian,Nargacuga,Qurupecco, and Viaparios Caracaru Jungle
  • Battle At The Volcano (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise): hunt Rathalos,Lavasioth,Agnaktor,and Remobracene Teockooma Volcano
  • Battle In The Plains (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise, Land Of The Tremors): hunt Monoblos,Tigrex,Berukyurosu, and Marmalos Zianticka Plains
  • Battle In The Forest (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise): hunt Gypceros,Kushula Daora, Barioth, and Brown Bearusidae Daiaku Forest
  • Battle In The Desert (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise, Land Of The Tremors): hunt Diablos,Copper Blangonga,Great Jaggi, and Delexus Tiakari Desert
  • The Battle of Legends ( finish all other quests in The chief’s, and vice chief’s quest list): hunt fatalis,crimson fatalis, and white fatalis Garrakia Island ( Fatalises have 1/3 of their normal health)
  • Suicide (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Paradise, Land Of The Tremors): hunt four Deviljos Tisharia Canyon
  • Insane (Complete Hunt for The Snow Dragon,Battle Between Darkness and Light,Golden Opportunity,Party Crashers,Unwanted Guardians,Silver and Gold,Trouble In Pardise, Land Of The Tremors): hunt two tigrex and three Blangonga Makaia Mountain Range
  • Hunt for The Snow Dragon: Hunt Doragyurosu Makaia Mountain Range
  • Battle Between Darkness and Light: Hunt Nargacuga and Tigrex Zianticka Plains
  • Golden Opportunity: Hunt Two Golden Rajang Teockooma Volcano ( Rajang are Super Rajang)
  • Trouble In Paradise: Hunt Caocaru,Rathian, and Espinas Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Land Of The Tremors: Hunt Two Black Tigrex Teockooma Volcano
  • Party Crashers: Hunt Two Deviljho Kisho
  • Unwanted Guardians: hunt Two Dyuragaua Mogara Ruins
  • Silver and Gold: Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian Mogara Ruins
  • The Pair of Rulers: Hunt Teostra and Lunasta Teockooma Volcano
  • Day of The White Dragon: Hunt Two White Espinas Kairu forest

Return to Past Villages to accept quest. which give out high rank materials( get to H.R. *********), and build an airship in the farm by delivering Two deviljho talons,six tigrex scales, 6 rathalos scales,6 rathian, scales and 2 lagiacrus shells to the Chief.

Villages:Kokoto Village, Jumbo Village, and Moga Village

Old Generation Area List

( only one base camp)

Fertile Forest and Hills: Forest and hills from gen. 1 has three new areas.Area 1’s river is now swimmable.I along the river right next to area two, and near the river. New area two is one the opposite of the river from area 1. New area three is right next to area eight and is a forest area.

The Great Arenas: Great Arena from Gen. 1. No Changes are brought.

The Misty Swamp: Old swamp. There are two new underwater areas. One next to area three, and is connected to the second new underwater area.Which new area two is connected to area 11.At night the thunderstorm passes through.

The Ancient Jungle: old jungle. Four new areas. one is at the bottom of the waterfall from area seven.New area two is another riverside area that is connected to area eight and new area three.can swim in like areas 3 and 7, and a small stream connects it to area 3. New area 3 is pure jungle and is connected to area one and new area four.New area four is a very misty jungle and you can drop down to area six. At night the Jungle is raining.

The Deserted Desert: old desert. No new areas, but the lake in area five and the pools in areas 4 and 3 can be swam .At night it’s cold..It rains every spring, but every 3-5 years it rains torrentially. Plant life is common, and monster activity booms. In the winter there is a chance for sandstorms to pass areas 7,2,3,and sometimes area 10 that require face nets to pass through without getting hurt.

The Great Volcano: Old volcano. Three new areas. One is a lava field large enough for monsters like lavasioth and agnaktor to swim in,and is connected to areas six and four. New Areas two and three resembles areas nine and ten of the new volcano in frontier. Nothing new happens at night besides getting darker. Every ten to fifteen years volcanic activity rises.All the areas are extremely hot, and lava bursts happen much more often.Volcanic ash may hinder sight , and even damage hunters without face nets in some areas.The lava is much more active, and it can damage you farther away from it.

Legendary Battleground: Battleground. No new areas.Lava is deep enough to be swam in by agnaktor. There is an actual Base camp.

Castle Schrade: regular Castle Schrade, both courtyards have dragonators, and each dragonator has a ballista to its left and right.

The Armored Fortress: Fortress from gen 1. nothing new.

The Advanced City: The Town from gen 2. No new Changes.

Silver Snowy Mountains: the Snowy Mountains.There are three new areas . Two are snowy forests that are connected to area four, and the third new area stems from the lake in area one. It is the side of the lake,but it is wooded. The lake in one can be swam in.It can snow in area 1 and 2 in the winter and fall.

The Murky Swamp: The Swamp from gen 2. Has two underwater areas accessible from base camp. New area two is connected to area 5.Thunder can strike you.

The Great Forest: the Great Forest from gen 2. Two new areas one is connected to by the log in area 1 and is like the rest of the great forest.Can swim in the ponds in areas 2 and 4. New area two is a pond and its shore, and the pond can be swam in.It’s connected to area 3.

The Emerald Jungle: the jungle in gen 2. It has one new area. It is a fully ocean area.The island can be reached wether it is day or night.Lightening can come when it is raining.Mist can be surround the jungle.

The Moat Arena: The Moat Arena From Gen. 2.The Moat can be swam in.

The Scorched Desert: the desert from gen 2. One new area. It is an area with more plant life than the other areas.It is connected to area 7. The river in 7 and the lake in six can be swam in.The pond in area one can be swam in, but no monsters are in the pond only mining and gathering points.It rains every spring, but every 3-5 years it rains torrentially. Plant life is common, and monster activity booms. In the winter there is a chance for sandstorms to pass in areas 1,2,5, and occasionally 3 that require face nets to pass through without getting hurt.

Mysterious Tower: the tower from gen 2. All parts of the tower are able to be visited.All except the top of tower 2. Three new areas. One is like the top of tower two,but has a roof over it, and is right before the top.New area two is connected to the nest hole and area three.It’s an arena like the nest hole.New area three is connected to tower three’s arena and to area four.It’s a small arena with stairs leading to area four.At night a violent storm passes through.

Burning Volcano: Volcano from gen 2. Two new areas. One is a lava field connected to area 9. New area Two is another Cave area stemming from area Four. It is where many monsters rest when injured. Every ten to fifteen years volcanic activity rises.All the areas are extremely hot, and lava bursts happen much more often.Volcanic ash may hinder sight, and even damage hunters without face nets in some areas.The lava is much more active, and it can damage you farther away from it.

Silver Snowy Mountains Peak: Snowy Mountains peak from mhfu. No changes.During most winters quests involving this area are on hold till spring,but if the quest is an event quest or the winter is mild they will appear.

The Deserted Island: Deserted Island from gen 3. One new area that is connected to area two.It is a plains area . It can rain at any time during the spring.Clouds can cover the moon.

The Flooded Forest: Flooded Forest from gen 3. There are four new areas. New area one is connected to area ten, and is in the same likes as area ten, but large monsters inhabit it.New area two is connected to new area one and area 9. It is just the same as new area one. New area 3 is just like are 5 on the portable 3rd map with another lake, but it isn’t fully underwater in the spring.New area four is always under-water even in winter, and it stems from the lake in 5(winter), and new area three.In winter the portable 3rd map is used.In Spring The Full MH3 map is used,but then it slowly dries out till winter.The cave in area 8 when it is in the winter the platform drops to where water would be.In area five during the winter you get access to the lake.

The Sandy Plains: Sandy Plains from gen 3.One new area that is connected to area three, and area 7. It is another water hole.It rains every spring, but every 3-5 years it rains torrentially. Plant life is common, and monster activity booms. In the winter there is a chance for sandstorms that require face nets to pass through areas 10,9,8,and rarely five without getting hurt.In winter the water holes get smaller while in the spring they can cover the cracked ground.

The Frozen Tundra: tundra from gen 3. One new area. it is connected to area 1. It is a wooded area.Also the the path to the deviljho’s lair, and deviljho’s lair itself are available without deviljho and can be accessed at any time. In spring areas 1,2,3, and the path to deviljho’s, new area one, and deviljho’s lair are almost bare of snow, and in the summer they are bare of snow. The other areas retain snow and ice,but they melt slightly that makes the surface watery.Area six loses some ice, but not as much as the areas previously mentioned.

The Volatile Volcano: The Volcano from gen 3. Two new areas. one is another forest that is connected to area one.New area two is just like area eight and is connected to areas eight and five. Every ten to fifteen years volcanic activity rises.All the areas are extremely hot, and lava bursts happen much more often.Volcanic ash may hinder sight, and even hurt players without face nets in some areas.The lava is much more active, and it can damage you farther away from it.

The Forgotten Ruins: The Underwater Ruin from gen 3. Nothing new

The Great Desert: Great Desert from gen 3. Nothing new

The Sacred Land: Sacred land from Gen 3. There is a supply box and bed.

The Temperate Mountain Forest: Mountain stream from gen 3. Two new areas. New area one is a heavily forested area. New area two has a ledge in which two small, forested arenas are on the top and bottom of the ledge. In fall the leaves turn red and fall, and in winter it can snow.Rain occurs n spring and summer.

The Deep Gorge: The Gorge from Frontier. No new areas.The water in area five can be swam.

The Great Tree: Sea of Trees from Frontier. Actual base camp. it may or may not rain.UIt is almost certain to rain in the spring or summer, and lightening may strike.Mist may surround the tree.

Absolute Island: Geyser Island from Frontier. Airship has supply box and bed.

The Rocky Highland: Highland from Frontier. There are two new areas. New area one is a side plateau with its own waterfall. Connected to areas 7 and 6 . New area two is along the cliffs, but there is a wide enough space for you to fight large monsters. Connected to areas one and two.It can become misty at any time.

The Coliseum: The Land arena of gen 3. Nothing New

The Aqua Arena: The Water arena of Gen 3. Nothing New

The Forgotten Arena: The currently unnamed,abandoned arena in MHP3rd

The Sacred Mountain: The area you fight Amatsumagatsuchi. There is a new area that is the airship for the first part of the fight, but unlike the Sea of Clouds it drops you onto base camp in the second phase.

The Volcanic Chamber: The area where you fight Akantor in MHP3rd.

The Polar Cave: The Polar Zone in MHP3rd.

Kokoto Village Quest List

( All Monsters are High Rank)

K.R. (Kokoto rank) *

  • Fight for Life: hunt Velocidrome Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Underwater Menace: hunt Plesioth Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • Desert Shark: hunt Cephadrome The Deserted Desert
  • A Single Horn: hunt Monoblos The Deserted Desert (Urgent quest to unlock K.r. **)
  • Bring Home The Bacon: hunt Bulldrome Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Crab Dinner: hunt Daimyo Hermitaur and Plum Daimyo Hermitaur The Deserted Desert
  • Hypno Sings In The Jungle: hunt Hypnocatrice Ancient Jungle ^
  • Conga King: hunt Congalala Ancient Jungle ^
  • The Blob: hunt Khezu Ancient Jungle
  • Desert Thief: hunt Gendrome Deserted Desert ^
  • Flying Snakes: hunt Ten Remobras Ancient Jungle
  • Land The Flyer: hunt Qurupecco Ancient Jungle ^
  • Keep Him Out: hunt Great Jaggi Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • Pest Control: hunt Ratrios Ancient Jungle ^
  • Shield Your Eyes: hunt Gypceros Misty Swamp
  • Flash and Flash: hunt Purple Gypceros and Gobul Ancient Jungle ^

K.R. **

  • Dual Iodrome: hunt two Iodrome The Great Volcano
  • Green,Blue, and Red: hunt Green Plesioth,Blue Yian Kut-Ku, and Red Khezu Ancient Jungle
  • Shock Fest: hunt Kirin Ancient Jungle
  • Rare Ludroth Sighting: Hunt Purple Royal Ludroth The Ancient Jungle
  • Azure Rainbow: hunt Azure Hypnocatrice and Bright Hypnocatrice The Ancient Jungle
  • Jungle Dragon: hunt Espinas Ancient Jungle ^
  • Club and Spike: hunt Apcerodon and Rhenoceros Deserted Desert
  • Jungle Chase: hunt Gobul and Royal Ludroth Ancient Jungle
  • Swamp Diva: hunt Nono Orugaron Misty Swamp
  • Jaws of Fire: hunt Lavasioth The Great Volcano ^
  • The Black Shadow: hunt Kamu Orugaron Misty Swamp
  • The Rage of Yian Garuga : hunt Yian Garuga The Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Crystal Scorpion: hunt Akura Vashimu Deserted Desert ^
  • Cave Con-Artist: hunt Akura Jebia Misty Swamp ^
  • Cave Menace: Hunt Batoru The Misty Swamp ^
  • Ancient Art: hunt Aoashira The Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • Danger In The Mist: hunt Brown Bearusidae The Misty Swamp ^
  • Desert Crasher: hunt Diablos The Deserted Desert ^
  • The Earth Queen( Urgent quest to unlock K.R. ***): hunt Rathian The Ancient Jungle
  • Unseen Forces:Hunt Monoblos and White Monoblos Deserted Desert
  • Parent and Child: hunt Basarios and Gravios Great Volcano
  • Killer Scythes: hunt Terra Shogun Ceanatear and Shogun Ceanatear Great Volcano
  • Cave Glutton: hunt Pariapurria The Deserted Desert ^
  • A Shining Light: Hunt Chameleos Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Into The Jungle: Hunt Chameleos Ancient Jungle
  • Wind Tempest: hunt Kushula Daora Ancient Jungle
  • The Metallic Dictator: hunt Kushula Daora Great Volcano

K.R. ***

  • Change In Power: Capture Rathian The Deserted Desert ^
  • King of The Skies: Hunt Rathalos The Great Volcano ^
  • Unseen Assassin: hunt Viaparios Ancient Jungle ^
  • Unseen Rolling King: Hunt Green Rangurotora The Ancient Jungle
  • Rathalos Research: Capture Rathalos The Misty Swamp ^
  • Cave of Echoes: Hunt two Batoru The Ancient Jungle
  • Flee Bitten: hunt Marmalos The Deserted Desert
  • Behold The Desert Tyrant: hunt Tigrex The Deserted Desert ^
  • Gravel Shell, Iron Chin: Hunt Gravios and Uragaan The Great Volcano
  • Kings of The Molten Deep: hunt Agnaktor and Lavasioth The Great Volcano
  • Couple’s Retreat: Hunt Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron The Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • Into The No-Man’s Land: Hunt Black Diablos and White Monoblos The Deserted Desert
  • Shadow In The Sky: hunt Tikashi The Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • A Forest Hidden In Shadow: Hunt Nargacuga The Ancient Jungle ^
  • Crimson Seas: hunt Lavasioth and Red Lavasioth The Great Volcano
  • Black Rock In The Swamp: hunt Black Gravios The Misty Swamp
  • Rajang of Mountain Flame: hunt Rajang The Great Volcano ^
  • A Feast For The King: Hunt Deviljho The Great Volcano ^
  • Save The Tribe: Hunt Deviljho The Ancient Jungle
  • Researcher’s Calling: Capture Deviljho The Fertile Forest and Hills ^
  • The King’s of The Desert: hunt Deviljho and Diablos The Deserted Desert
  • The Red Moon: Hunt Nargacuga The Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Volcanic Blast: Hunt Teostra The Great Volcano
  • A Sun With Fangs: Hunt Teostra The Deserted Desert
  • A Queen’s Blaze: Hunt Lunastra The Great Volcano
  • Ruins Set Aflame: Hunt Lunastra The Ancient Jungle
  • Thunder’s Calling: Hunt Jinouga The Fertile Forest and Hills^
  • The Jungle of Thunder: Hunt Lagiacrus The Ancient Jungle
  • Mist of Thunder: Capture Lagiacrus The Misty Swamp
  • Seeing Silver and Gold: Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian The Great Arena
  • The Silver Sun: Hunt Silver Rathalos The Great Volcano
  • The Golden Moon: Hunt Gold Rathian The Deserted Desert
  • Day Of Night: Hunt Black Tigrex The Great Volcano
  • Forest Fire: Hunt Kaiclikou The Ancient Jungle
  • Seeing The Water Tempest: Hunt Silver Jinouga The Misty Swamp
  • Advance of The Mountain Dragon: Hunt Lao Shan Lung The Armored Fortress(Urgent to K.R.****)


  • The Black Dragon: Hunt Fatalis Castle Schrade
  • Schrade’s Fire Tempest: Hunt Tikarishou Castle Schrade
  • The End Times: Hunt Crimson Fatalis The Legendary Battleground
  • Rise To The Summit: Hunt Akantor The Legendary Battleground
  • Magma’s Leviathan: Hunt Diorparous The Legendary Battleground
  • Mountains of Ash: Hunt Ashen Lao Shan Lung The Armored Fortress
  • Moving Along The Fortress: Hunt Shen Gaoren The Armored Fortress
  • Rage Match In The Castle: Hunt Two Deviljho Castle Schrade
  • Terra’s Dawn: Hunt Terrasauadon The Armored Fortress
  • Revenge of The Bird Wyverns: Hunt Purple Gycperos,Keiroosku,Bright Hypnocatrice, and Yian Garuga The Great Arena
  • Dragon’s Lair: Hunt Espinas and Nargacuga The Ancient Jungle
  • Hunter Free-for-All: Hunt Rajang,Deviljho, and Tikashi The Great Arena
  • King Class: Hunt Deviljho,Lagiacrus, and Tigrex The Great Arena
  • Barbarian Free-For-All: Hunt Two Gurenzeburu The Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Classic Cage Match: Hunt Rathalos,Tigrex,Lagiacrus, and Jinouga The Great Arena
  • Kings of Crimson Mountains: Hunt Agnaktor, Rathalos, Rajang,and Black Tigrex The Legendary Battleground (Complete All K.R.*,**, and *** quests)
  • Forgotten Cage Match: Hunt Copper Blangonga, Karrukka, Pink Rathian, and Orange Espinas The Great Arena
  • For Schrade’s Sake: Hunt Gurenzeburu,Silver Rathalos,and Gold Rathian Castle Shcrade
  • Castle Clear-Out: Hunt Rathalos,Rathian,Kirin, and Deviljho Castle Schrade
  • Into The Dark: Hunt Two Nargacuga The Ancient Jungle

Jumbo Village Quests

J.R.*( Jumbo Rank)

  • Search for The Pink Beast: hunt Congalala The Emerald Jungle ^
  • Catch A Trickster: Capture Congalala The Murky Swamp
  • Blango Blizzard: hunt Ten Blango Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • Sting: hunt Razzalulentae The Emerald Jungle ^
  • Cave Killer: hunt Khezu The Murky Swamp
  • Gobul Lick’n: Hunt Gobul The Murky Swamp
  • Murky Monster: hunt Salamoonda The Murky Swamp
  • Hydro Hide: hunt Royal Ludroth and five Ludroth The Emerald Jungle
  • Catch Royalty: Capture Royal Ludroth The Great Forest ^
  • Red,Green,and Blue: hunt Iodrome, Gendrome, and Velocidrome The Great Forest
  • What Big Ears You Have: hunt Yian Kut-Ku The Emerald Jungle
  • Blue Kut-Ku: hunt Blue Yian Kut-Ku The Great Forest
  • Dual Bulldrome: Hunt Two Bulldrome The Emerald Jungle
  • Icy Encounter: hunt Giadrome Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Seal In The Mountains: Hunt Daiuka The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Flaming Encounter: Hunt Ratho Burning Volcano
  • Green Mean Princess: Hunt Rathi Scorched Desert
  • Raiders: hunt Gendrome and twelve Genprey Scorched Desert
  • Snowy Raptor: hunt Great Baggi Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Daimyo With A Diablos: hunt Plum Daimyo Hermitaur The Scorched Desert
  • Remobra Clear-Out: hunt five Remobra The Mysterious Tower
  • Moat Clearance Event : Hunt Royal Ludroth,Plesioth, and Khezu The Moat Arena
  • Attack of The Wind Dragon: hunt Kushula Daora The Silver Snowy Mountains (unlocks The Tower Dictator)( If you kill or capture him in the quest you rank up to J.R. **)
  • The Tower Dictator: hunt Kushula Daora The Mysterious Tower (urgent to J.R. **)

J.R. **

  • The White Phantom: hunt Kirin The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • King of The Canopy: hunt Emerald Congalala The Great Forest
  • Swamp Bound: Hunt Black Urukususu The Murky Swamp
  • Iron Fish: Hunt Ironious The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Ice Water Penguin: Hunt Dorokoro The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Roar in The Snow: hunt Blangonga The Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • Shakalaka Boom: Hunt Shakalaka King The Great Forest
  • The Armored King: hunt Gravios The Burning Volcano ^
  • Unseen Eyes In The Snow: Hunt Ice Barroth The Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • The Monoblos Menace: hunt Monoblos The Scorched Desert
  • Cave Creature: hunt Gigginox The Murky Swamp
  • A Hidden Shock: Hunt Gold Gigginox The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Scene of The Falling Sun: hunt Azure Hypnocatrice The Great Treetop
  • Rainbow In The Forest: Hunt Bright Hypnocatrice The Great Forest
  • Seeing is Believing: hunt Batoru The Murky Swamp ^
  • The Two Sets of Horns: hunt Monoblos and Diablos The Scorched Desert
  • Unseen Eyes on The Ceiling: hunt Arachnodioros The Murky Swamp
  • Blue Bear,Brown Bear: hunt Aoashira and Brown Bearusidae The Murky Swamp
  • Diamond In The Rough: hunt Akura Jebia The Murky Swamp
  • King Remobracene: Hunt Remobracene The Burning Volcano
  • Desert Dunes: hunt Copper Blangonga and Galabanga The Scorched Desert
  • Sand Shifting: hunt Akura Vashimu The Scorched Desert ^
  • Canyon Climber: Hunt Galabanga The Deep Gorge
  • Dual Purple: Hunt Purple Gypceros and Purple Royal Ludroth The Emerald Jungle
  • Capture Galabanga:Capture Galabanga The Rocky Highland ^
  • The Rocky Brute: Hunt Uragaan The Burning Volcano
  • Flying Around The Highland: Hunt Vultrice The Rocky Highland
  • Great Forest Dragon: Hunt Espinas The Great Forest^
  • A Fire Glutton: Hunt Crimson Hapurubotsuka The Burning Volcano
  • Run Through The Snow: hunt White Bearusidae The Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • A King’s Calling: Hunt Nargacuga The Great Forest ( The Urgent Quest to J.R. ***)
  • Eyes Along The Canopy: Hunt Ticlishou The Great Forest

J.R. ***

  • A King Shrouded In Smoke: Hunt Rathalos The Burning Volcano
  • Eyes In The Tower: hunt Rathalos The Mysterious Tower ^
  • The Queen In The Jungle: Hunt Rathian The Emerald Jungle ^
  • Catching Queens: Capture Rathian The Great Forest
  • A Queen In The Fire: Hunt Lunastra The Burning Volcano
  • Indigo Meteor: Hunt Lunastra The Scorched Desert
  • King of The Inferno: Hunt Teostra The Burning Volcano
  • Sun With Fangs: Hunt Teostra The Scorched Desert
  • Catching Shadows: Capture Nargacuga The Emerald Jungle
  • Orange Blaze: Hunt Orange Espinas The Deep Gorge
  • Shocking Seas: hunt Lagiacrus The Emerald Jungle ^
  • Ice Bear Dragon: Hunt Dracoferreglacies The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Remove The Sea’s Spark: Capture Lagiacrus The Moat Arena
  • Orange Espinas Sighting: Hunt Orange Espinas The Mysterious Tower
  • The King of Treetops: Hunt White Espinas The Great Treetop ^
  • The White Inferno: Hunt White Espinas The Mysterious Tower
  • Catch A White Dragon: Capture White Espinas The Great Forest
  • Behold The Mountain Monstrosity: hunt Tigrex The Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • King In The Desert: Hunt Tigrex The Scorched Desert
  • Thunder Wolf’s Lair: Hunt Mikari The Silver Snowy Mountains^
  • The One-Horned Diablos: hunt the One-Horned Diablos The Scorched Desert
  • Lagiacrus In The Moat, Ceanataur On The Ceiling: hunt Lagiacrus and Terra Shogun Ceanataur The Moat Arena
  • Tower, Shrouded In Ice: Hunt Dyuragaua The Mysterious Tower
  • Ice Canyon: Hunt Dyuragaua The Deep Gorge
  • Wrath of The Deviljho: Hunt Deviljho The Great Forest ^
  • Scorch A Deviljho: Hunt Deviljho The Burning Volcano
  • Farewell Thy Deviljho: hunt Deviljho The Scorched Desert
  • Eye of The Deviljho: Hunt Deviljho The Emerald Jungle ^
  • Wind of The Icy Phantom: Hunt Barioth The Silver Snowy Mountains ^
  • Forest of Destruction: Hunt Two Espinas The Great Forest ^
  • The Thunder Tyrant: Hunt Berukyurosu The Deep Gorge ^
  • Lightening King: Capture Berukyurosu The Scorched Desert
  • Attack of Azure: Hunt Azure Rathalos The Great Forest
  • Cherry Blossom: hunt Pink Rathian The Emerald Jungle
  • A Troublesome Pair: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian The Great Forest
  • Descendants of Royalty: Hunt Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian The Great Forest
  • Shine of The Silver Sun: Hunt Silver Rathalos The Mysterious Tower
  • The Glistening Golden Moon: Hunt Gold Rathian The Mysterious Tower
  • King of Cliffs: Hunt Carrosovia The Rocky Highland
  • Hidden Danger On The Cliff: Hunt Jaguarodice The Rocky Highland
  • Barbarian: Hunt Gurenzeburu The Rocky Highland ^
  • Poisoned Purple: Hunt Purple Doboruberuku The Murky Swamp
  • Land of Silver and Gold: Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian The Mysterious Tower ( complete Shine of The Silver Sun and The Glistening Golden Moon)
  • Swimming In Ice: Hunt Uganlokter The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Save The Forest: Hunt Yama Tsukami The Great Tree (Urgent To J.R. ****)

J.R. ****

  • Into The Unknown: Hunt Jade Alatreon The Great Tree
  • The Ancestor: Hunt White Fatalis The Mysterious Tower
  • The Floating Mountain: Hunt Yama Tsukami The Mysterious Tower
  • Repelling Mountains: Hunt Yama Tsukami The Advanced City
  • Land of Tremors: Hunt Two Tigrex The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Ancient Beauty, Black Beast: Hunt Two Nargacugas The Great Forest
  • Land of The Ancients: Hunt Two Dyuragaua The Mysterious Tower
  • Pelagus Rumble: Hunt Blangonga,Aoashira,Leopardofelis, and Rajang The Moat Arena
  • Carapacean Dinner: Hunt Akura Vashimu,Terra Shogun Ceanataur,Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, and Arachnodiorous The Moat Arena
  • Compromising Ancient Rivals: Hunt Berukyurosu and Dyuragaua The Deep Gorge
  • On Top of The Great Tree: Hunt Azure Hypnocatrice,Nargacuga,Azure Rathalos,White Espinas The Great Tree
  • The Moving Fortress: Hunt Shen Gaoren The Advanced City
  • Top of The World: Hunt Two Doragyurosu The Silver Snowy Mountains Peak
  • Land of The Ancients: Hunt Kaiclikou,Carrosovia,and Dyuragaua The Mysterious Tower
  • The Isle’s King: Hunt Raviente Absolute Island
  • Absolute Zero: Hunt Ukanlos The Silver Snowy Mountain’s Peak
  • Saving The City: Hunt Two Deviljho The Advanced City
  • Battle Against Dictators: Hunt Kushula Daora,Teostra, and Chameleos The Advanced City
  • City Brawl: Hunt Yian Garuga,Orange Espinas,and Dyuragaua The Advanced City
  • The Icy Summit: Hunt Barioth,Mickari,Uganloktor,and Doragyurosu The Silver Snowy Mountain’s Peak(Complete all J.R. *,**,and *** quests)

Moga Village quests

M.R.( Moga Rank) *

  • Beach Crabs: hunt one Daimyo Hermitaur and ten Hermitaur The Deserted Island (Daimyo has a conch shell which when broken can wield a giant conch+) ^
  • Call In Progress: Hunt Great Jaggi The Deserted Island ^
  • Killjoy: hunt six Ludroths The Flooded Forest
  • Wild Bull in The Plains: hunt Magogo The Sandy Plains
  • Volcanic Menace: hunt Iodrome The Volatile Volcano
  • Bar Off The Barroth: hunt Barroth The Sandy Plains ^
  • Boar In The Sand: hunt Bulldrome The Sandy Plains
  • Dual Bulldrome: Hunt Two Bulldrome The Frozen Tundra
  • Danger In The Water: hunt Green Plesioth The Flooded Forest
  • Giaprey Watch: hunt eight Giaprey The Frozen Tundra
  • Young King: Hunt Ratho The Volatile Volcano
  • Princess of Land: Hunt Rathi The Deserted Island
  • Cave Dweller: hunt Khezu The Frozen Tundra
  • Cave Crawling: Capture Khezu The Flooded Forest
  • Trunk and All: Hunt Mammosos The Frozen Tundra ^
  • Baggi and Bird: hunt Great Baggi and Tiario The Frozen Tundra
  • The Unseen Eyes In The Desert: hunt Gendrome and Daimyo Hermitaur The Sandy Plains
  • Carabi Dwelling: hunt twelve Carabi The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Capture The Tundra Menace: Capture Giadrome The Frozen Tundra ^
  • Clear The Temperate Forest: hunt ten Orugarons The Temperate Mountain Forest ^
  • Overthrow Royalty: hunt Royal Ludroth The Flooded Forest
  • Gobul Bust: Hunt Gobul The Flooded Forest
  • Mounting Menace In The Volcano: Hunt Iodrome,Bulldrome,Ratrios,Dosufurogi The Volatile Volcano (clear Ten Quests in The Volatile Volcano To Unlock)
  • Temperate Mountain Bear: Hunt Aoashira The Temperate Mountain Forest( urgent to unlock M.R.**)


  • Bonga Conga: Hunt Emerald Congalala The Flooded Forest
  • The Crystal Arachnid: Hunt Akura Vashimu The Sandy Plains ^
  • King of The Keiros: Hunt Keiroosku The Sandy Plains
  • Purplelosity: Hunt Purple Royal Ludroth The Flooded Forest
  • Wrath The Catch: Hunt Salminodea The Deserted Island
  • Unseen Eyes In The Floods: Hunt Salamoonda The Flooded Forest
  • Under The Tundra: Hunt Ice Barroth The Frozen Tundra
  • Fort Giginox: Hunt Giginox The Frozen Tundra
  • Revenge of Yian Garuga: Hunt Yian Garuga The Flooded forest^
  • Cave Scorpion: Hunt Akura Jebia The Flooded Forest
  • Monoblos On The Plains: Hunt Monoblos The Sandy Plains ^
  • Into The Danger Zone: Hunt Diablos The Sandy Plains
  • Bronzen Bear: Hunt Bronze Aoashira The Sandy Plains
  • Advance of The White Bear: Hunt White Bearusidae The Frozen Tundra ^
  • Very Bad Bear: Hunt Brown Bearusidae The Temperate Mountain Forest ^
  • Defiance of The Birds: Hunt Hypnocatrice,Azure Hypnocatrice, and Bright Hypnocatrice The Flooded Forest
  • Dual Pecco: Hunt Two Crimson Qurupecco The Volatile Volcano
  • Subspecies In The Flooded Forest: Hunt Crimson Qurupecco,Purple Royal Ludroth, and Green Plesioth The Flooded Forest
  • Blangonga On The Snow: Hunt Blangonga The Frozen Tundra ^
  • Copper On The Plains: Hunt Copper Blangonga The Sandy Plains
  • Gravel Might: Hunt Gravios The Volatile Volcano ^
  • Down The Volcano: Hunt Uragaan The Volatile Volcano
  • Dual Ludroth: Hunt Royal Ludroth and Purple Royal Ludroth The Deserted Island
  • Ring of Fire: Hunt Two Lavasioth The Volatile Volcano
  • Hunting Fire: hunt Red Lavasioth The Volatile Volcano
  • Through The Water: Hunt Klyothiatone The Deserted Island
  • Jet Wind: Hunt Kamu Orugaron The Temperate Mountain Forest ^
  • White Wind: Hunt Nono Orugaron The Temperate Mountain Forest ^
  • Attack of The Wind Dragon: Hunt Kushula Daora The Frozen Tundra
  • Tempest of The Wind: Hunt Kushula Daora The Flooded Forest
  • Espinas In The Forest: Hunt Espinas The Flooded Forest
  • On The Frozen Tundra: Hunt Urukususu The Frozen Tundra
  • Monster Unseen: Hunt Brown Gobul The Flooded Forest
  • Into The Silence: Hunt Chameleos The Flooded Forest
  • Unseen Elder: Hunt Chameleos The Deserted Island
  • Might of Heat Beam: hunt two Black Gravios The Scorched Volcano
  • Under The Sands’ Dunes:Hunt Hapurubotsuka The Sandy Plains
  • If You Can Defeat Greed: Hunt Karrukka The Sandy Plains^
  • Flooded Forest Recall: Hunt Dosufurogi, Gobul, and Purple Royal Ludroth The Flooded Forest
  • Trial of The Sea Dragon: Hunt Lagiacrus The Deserted Island ( Urgent to M.R. ***)

M.R. ***

  • Rotten Fish: Capture Lagiacrus The Flooded Forest ^
  • Wrath of The Rathalos: Hunt Rathalos the Volatile Volcano^
  • Rathalos Research: Hunt Rathalos The Temperate Forest
  • Tail Hammer: Hunt Doboruberuku The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • A Fire Crystal: Hunt Akura Terrakai The Volatile Volcano
  • Double Fire: Hunt Crimson Hapurubotsuka and Akura Terrakai The Volatile Volcano
  • New Comer: Hunt Dokuru The Deserted Island
  • The Queen’s Might: hunt Rathian the Flooded Forest ^
  • Reel In A Rathian: Capture Rathian The Sandy Plains
  • Finding Orange: Hunt Orange Espinas The Sandy Plains
  • Fire Sand: Hunt Marmalos The Sandy Plains^
  • Purging fire: Hunt Maiogairaki The Volatile Volcano
  • Fire In The Plains: Hunt Maiogairaki The Sandy Plains
  • Sea Dragon: Hunt Emerald Lagiacrus The Flooded Forest
  • Volcano Rough Roller: Hunt Rangurotora The Volatile Volcano
  • Couple’s Quarrel: Hunt Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Without Ice is tough: Hunt Ice Agnaktor The Frozen Tundra
  • The White Dragon: Hunt White Espinas The Coliseum
  • Green Fern,Cherry Blossom: Hunt Rathian and Pink Rathian The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Red Ruby, Azure Jade: Hunt Rathalos and Azure Rathalos The Coliseum
  • Lover’s Quarrel: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian The Deserted Island
  • Cherries and Gems: hunt Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos The Coliseum
  • Rise To The Challenge: Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian The Coliseum
  • A Queen’s Battle: Hunt Gold Rathian The Sandy Plains
  • King’s Revival: Hunt Silver Rathalos The Volatile Volcano
  • The Thunder Wolf Wyvern: Hunt Jinouga The Temperate Mountain Forest^
  • The Water Wolf Wyvern: Hunt Silver Jinouga The Flooded Forest
  • Speak of The Deviljho: Capture Deviljho The Flooded Forest
  • World’s Nomadic: Hunt The Giant Deviljho(from the quest with the same name in tri) The Deserted Island
  • Wild Creature On The Plains: Hunt Leopardofelis The Sandy Plains
  • Land of The Thunder Wolf: Hunt Mickari The Frozen Tundra
  • Deviljho On The Dunes: hunt Deviljho The Sandy Plains
  • Deviljho’s Icy Battle: Hunt Deviljho The Frozen Tundra
  • Hail To The King: Hunt Deviljho The Volatile Volcano
  • Dangerous Waters: Hunt Caocaru The Deserted Island
  • Rajang In Lava: Hunt Rajang The Volatile Volcano
  • Sand Rex: Hunt Tigrex The Sandy Plains ^
  • Scene of The Ice Beast: Hunt Tigrex The Frozen Tundra
  • Fire Pike: Hunt Agnaktor The Volatile Volcano^
  • Volcanic Tyrant: Hunt Black Tigrex The Volatile Volcano^
  • Thunder Dragon On The Horizon: Hunt Berukyurosu The Sandy Plains^
  • Ice Dragon Ahead: Hunt Doragyurosu The Frozen Tundra
  • Fire’s Glistening Emperor: Hunt Teostra The Volatile Volcano
  • Day of Fire: Hunt Teostra The Sandy Plains
  • Queen’s Resting Flame: Hunt Lunastra The Volatile Volcano
  • Into Unrest: Hunt Steel Uragaan The Volatile Volcano
  • Indigo Flame: Hunt Lunastra The Sandy Plains
  • The Tusked Wyvern: Hunt Barioth The Frozen Tundra
  • Ever-Present Shadow: Hunt Nargacuga The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Into The Forest of Shadow: Hunt Nargacuga The Flooded Forest
  • Unseen Gaze In The Forest: Hunt Green Nargacuga The Temperate Mountain Stream
  • Unthought of: Hunt Orange Barioth The Sandy Plains
  • Festival of Fear: Hunt Jhen Mohran The Great Desert(Urgent to M.R. ****)

M.R. ****

  • The Brilliant Darkness: Hunt Alatreon The Sacred land
  • Age of Calamity: Hunt Crimson Fatalis The Sacred Land
  • High Altitude King: Hunt Akantor The Volcanic Chamber
  • Trial of The Sea’s Power: Hunt Ceadeus The Forgotten Ruins
  • Monster Mania: Hunt Rathalos,Lagiacrus,Jinouga,Tigrex The Coliseum
  • Death of Sky and Sea: Hunt Rathalos and Lagiacrus The Deserted Island
  • Volcanic Blast: Hunt Rathalos,Agnaktor,Black Tigrex,Deviljho The Sacred Land
  • White Water: Hunt Salminodea,Ironious,Lagiacrus, and Caocaru The Aqua Arena
  • Land of The White Glow: Hunt Two Kirin The Sacred Land
  • Freezing In The Dark Depths: Hunt Ukanlos The Polar Cave
  • Short of Impossible: Hunt Uganloktor and Ice Agnaktor The Polar Cave
  • Lake of Lava: Hunt Agnaktor, Gravios,and Red Lavasioth The Volcanic Chamber
  • Shocking Seas: Hunt Two Lagiacrus The Aqua Arena
  • Light and Dark: Hunt Tigrex and Nargacuga The Coliseum
  • The Forest’s Shocking Secret: Hunt Two Jinouga The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Thunder’s Calling: Hunt Two Berukyurosu The Sandy Plains
  • Time of The Kings: Hunt Mickari and Barioth The Frozen Tundra
  • The Known Danger: Hunt Black Tigrex,Mickari, and Kaiclikou The Coliseum
  • Into The Mystic Depths: Hunt Salminodea,Klyothiatone,Lagiacrus, and Caocaru The Forgotten Ruins(Complete all M.R. *,**,and*** quests)
  • Subspecies Three: Hunt Green Rangurotora,Green Nargacuga, and Crimson Qurupecco The Forgotten Arena
  • Into The Eye of The Storm: Hunt Amatsumagatsuchi The Sacred Mountain
  • Thunder At Its Finest: Hunt Golden Amatsumagatsuchi The Sacred Mountain
  • High-rise Battling: Hunt Gurenzeburu,Jinouga,and Silver Rathalos The Sacred Mountain

G Rank Quests( Talk to G.K.R., Guild Knight Recruiter)

You must Be K.R.,JR., and M.R. 4 stars for him to appear

  • The Great Test: Hunt Ratrios,Great Jaggi, and Velocidrome The Colliseum(Urgent to G rank quests)
  • Poison River: Hunt Iodrome Fhionagi Delta
  • Village Pillage: Hunt Velocidrome The Ancient Jungle
  • Over Confident: Hunt Ratrios Terra Valley
  • Jaggi Beat-down: Hunt Great Jaggi The Temperate Mountain Forest

Guild Quest List

The monsters are harder, the time of the hunt relates to the games clock, seasons last ten days. G.R. 0-19 Low Rank

  • Pig Me: hunt Bulldrome Iokshiobara Boarder ^
  • Bloodstones Galore: Gather ten Bloodstones Darrrukair Plateau
  • Desert Trouble: hunt Delexus Tiakari Desert
  • Harvest Tour Terra Valley: Deliver Paw Pass Terra Valley
  • Harvest Tour Iokshiobara Border: Deliver Paw Pass Iokshiobara Border
  • Harvest Tour Mogara Coast: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Mogara Coast
  • Harvest Tour Fhionagi Delta: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Fhionagi Delta
  • Seedy Gathering: Deliver Three Mega Seeds Kairu Forest^
  • You’re Kut Ku: hunt Yian Kut-Ku Mogara Coast
  • Find The Predator: hunt Velocidrome Terra Valley
  • Crop Crusher: hunt Ratrios Terra Valley
  • Rath Red: Hunt Ratho Terra Valley
  • Rath Green: Hunt Rathi Terra Valley
  • Capture The Pest: Capture Ratrios Daiaku Forest
  • Sound The Alarm: hunt Cephadrome Tiakari Desert
  • Stingray: hunt Razzalutentae Mogara Coast
  • Ray at Bay: Capture Razzalutente Iokshiobara Boarder ^
  • Paralyzed Hunter: hunt Gendrome Tisharia Canyon
  • Snow Covered: hunt Giadrome Makaia Mountain Range
  • Cave Wyvern: hunt Khezu Derashiou Cliffs
  • Light Headed: hunt Gypceros Fhionagi Delta
  • Two Heads, One Monster: hunt Daimyo Hermiataur Tiakari Desert
  • Sleepy Spit: hunt Great Baggi Makaia Mountain Range ^
  • Into The Pack: hunt Great Jaggi Mogara Coast
  • Jaggi Baggin’: hunt Great Jaggi Terra Valley ^
  • Peck The Pecco: hunt Qurupecco Zianticka Plains
  • Wild Bull: hunt Magogo Zianticka Plains ^
  • The Great Sponge: hunt Royal Ludroth Fhionagi Delta
  • Rocky Road: Hunt Basarios Teockooma Volcano
  • The Bottom Eater: hunt Gobul Fhionagi Delta
  • Bye Bye Birdy: hunt Hypnocatrice Iokshiobara Boarder ^
  • He’s Famous for His Mud: Hunt Barroth Zianticka Plains
  • Poisonous Delta: Hunt Dosufurogi Fhionagi Delta
  • Cancelation Bear: Hunt Aoashira Daiaku Forest
  • King Conga: Hunt Congalala Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Dual Ludroth: Hunt Two Royal Ludroth Mogara Coast
  • Sponge Test: Capture Royal Ludroth Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Spiked Club: Hunt Apcerodon Tiakari Desert
  • Ice Wall: Hunt Mammosos Darrrukair Plateau
  • King Seal: Hunt Daiuka Geluora Peninsula ( Urgent to G.R. 20)

G.R. 20-39

  • Harvest Tour Tisharia Canyon: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Tisharia Canyon
  • Harvest Tour Daiaku Forest:Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Daiaku Forest
  • Harvest Tour Makaia Mountain Range: Deliver Paw Pass Makaia Mountain Range
  • Harvest Tour Darrrukair Plateau: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Darrrukair Plateau
  • Harvest Tour Caracaru Jungle: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Caracaru Jungle
  • Swamp Swimmer: Hunt Salamoonda Fhionagi Delta ^
  • Ceiling Crabs: Hunt Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Sand Slider: Hunt Hapurubotsuka Tiakari Desert ^
  • Volcanic Mist: Hunt Rangurotora Teockooma Volcano
  • Ice Slide: Hunt Urukususu Darrrukair Plateau
  • Snow Bird: Hunt Dorokoro Geluora Peninsula
  • Keiroosku Call: Hunt Keiroosku Zianticka Plains ^
  • Mystery Unknown: Hunt Two Urukususu Darrukair Plateau
  • Temperate Bears: Hunt Two Aoashira Daiaku Forest
  • Shakalaka Boom: Hunt King Shakalaka Kairu Forest
  • Mono Blos: Hunt Monoblos Tiakari Desert
  • Tree Silk: Hunt Arachnodioros Kairu Forest ^
  • Cliff Danger: Hunt Vultrice Derashiou Cliffs ^
  • Deadliest Catch: Hunt Salminodea Mogara Coast
  • Ice Bear: Hunt White Bearusidae Darrukair Plateau
  • Polar Bear: Hunt White Bearusidae Geluora Peninsula
  • Forest Bear: Hunt Brown Bearusidae Daiaku Forest
  • Ice Lion: Hunt Blangonga Makaia Mountain Range
  • Blangonga Along The Beach: Hunt Blangonga Geluora Peninsula
  • Into The Boarder Lines: Hunt Royal Ludroth and Gobul Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Gastronome Not Here: hunt Pariapurria Zianticka Plains ^
  • Connesuir of Bad Food: Capture Pariapurria Tisharia Canyon ^
  • The Lone Wolf: hunt Yian Garuga Daiaku Forest ^
  • Baggin’ Baggis: Hunt Two Great Baggi Darrukair Plateau
  • Desert Crystal: Hunt Akura Vashimu Tiakari Desert ^
  • Fort Giginox: Hunt Giginox Darrrukair Plateau
  • Walking Wall: Hunt Rhenoceros Zianticka Plains ^
  • Water’s Wings: Hunt Klyothiatone Mogara Coast
  • Shocking Trees: Hunt Kirin Kairu Forest
  • Gliding Through The Trees: Hunt Ticlisho Kairu Forest
  • Cave Echos: Hunt Batoru Derashiou Cliffs
  • Ice Fish: Hunt Ironious Darrrukair Plateau
  • Mysterious Glow: Hunt Kirin Makaia Mountain Range
  • A Little Rusty: Hunt Rusted Kushula Daora Kisho
  • Flying Rust: Hunt Rusted Kushula Daora Iokshiobara Boarder
  • The Wind Tempest: Hunt Kushula Daora Kairu Forest ^
  • Steel Blizzard: Hunt Kushula Daora Makaia Mountain Range
  • Fire Fish: Hunt Lavasioth Teockooma Volcano
  • King of Thorns: Hunt Espinas Kairu Forest^
  • Sound Wolf Danger: Hunt Kamu Orugaron Daiaku Forest^
  • Echo Wolf: Hunt Nono Orugaron Daiaku Forest
  • Underground Lake Kings: Hunt Plesioth and Salamoonda Kairu Forest
  • Remobra King: Hunt Remobracene Mogara Ruins ^
  • Gravel King:Hunt Gravios Teockooma Volcano
  • Forest Dragon: Hunt Chameleos Kairu Forest
  • Cave of Crystals: Hunt Akura Jebia Fhionagi Delta
  • King Turned to Peasant: Hunt Karrukka Zianticka Plains
  • King Diablos: Hunt Diablos Tiakari Desert
  • Cliff Dangers Ahead: Hunt Galabanga Derashiou Cliffs
  • Into Volcanic Rock: Hunt Uragaan Teockooma Volcano
  • Venom In The Jungle: Hunt Viaparios Caracaru Jungle (Urgent to G.R. 40)

G.R. 40-59

  • Harvest Tour Zianticka Plains: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Zianticka Plains
  • Harvest Tour Derashiou Cliffs: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Derashiou Cliffs
  • Harvest Tour Kairu Forest: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Kairu Forest
  • Harvest Tour Mogara Ruins: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Mogara Ruins
  • Harvest Tour Teockooma Volcano: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Teockooma Volcano
  • Nic-Nac For Agnaktor: Hunt Agnaktor Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Wrath of The Rathalos: Hunt Rathalos Teockooma Volcano ^
  • Capture Rathalos and Hurry: Capture Rathalos Terra Valley
  • Desert Queen: Hunt Rathian Tiakari Desert ^
  • Forest Queen: Hunt Rathian Caracaru Jungle
  • Ice Serpent: Hunt Uganloktor Geluora Peninsula
  • Ice King: Hunt Dracoferreglacies Geluora Peninsula
  • Unseen Hammer: Hunt Doboruberuku Daiaku Forest
  • Mating Season: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian Terra Valley
  • Indigo Flame: Hunt Lunastra Mogara Ruins
  • Running Tyrant of The Cliffs: Hunt Carrosovia Derashiou Cliffs
  • Blue Meteor: Hunt Lunastra Teockooma Volcano
  • Secret Rock In The Volcano: Hunt Akura Terrakai Teockooma Volcano
  • King Viper: Hunt Viaparios Kairu Forest ^
  • King Rex: Hunt Tigrex Zianticka Plains^
  • Mountain Dunes: Hunt Tigrex Makaia Mountain Range
  • Advanced, Dual Tigrex: Hunt Two Tigrex Tiakari Desert
  • Advanced,Thunder Forest: Hunt Jinouga Kairu Forest
  • Sea of Trees: Hunt Nargacuga Caracaru Jungle
  • Eye of Leopard: Hunt Leopardofelis Zianticka Plains^
  • Ice Beast: Hunt Jaguarodice Derashiou Cliffs
  • Tree Shadow: Hunt Nargacuga Kairu Jungle^
  • Ice Water: Hunt Dokuru Darrrukair Plateau
  • King Kaiclikou: Hunt Kaiclikou Kairu Forest^
  • Dual Salamooda: Hunt Two Salamoonda Kairu Forest
  • Thunder Wolf: Hunt Mickari Makaia Mountain Range
  • Dual Wolf: Hunt Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron Daiaku Forest^
  • Berukyurosu The Dragon: Hunt Berukyurosu Tisharia Canyon^
  • Red Savanna: Hunt Marmalos Zianticka Plains
  • Swift Water: Hunt Caocaru Mogara Coast
  • Enter If You Dare: Hunt Carrosovia Derashiou Cliffs
  • Thunder Wyvern: Hunt Jinouga Daiaku Forest^
  • Inferno’s Shadow: Hunt Maiogairaki Teockooma Volcano^
  • Control The Fire: Hunt Maiogairaki Zianticka Plains
  • Catch an Inferno: Capture Maiogairaki Tisharia Canyon
  • Fire Kings On The Watch: Hunt Two Maiogairaki Tiakari Desert
  • Water High In The Sky: Hunt Gurenzeburu Derashiou Cliffs
  • Fire In Sight: Hunt Teostra Teockooma Volcano
  • Desert Flame: Hunt Teostra Tiakari Desert
  • Ice Wind: Hunt Barioth Geluora Peninsula
  • Thunder Warrior: Hunt Rajang Teockooma Volcano
  • King of The Tyrants: Hunt Deviljho Teockooma Volcano
  • Dual Kings: Hunt Two Deviljho Tiakari Desert
  • Deviljho Smackdown: Hunt Deviljho Zianticka Plains
  • Advanced* Deviljho Sighting : Capture Deviljho Makaia Mountain Range
  • Deviljho’s Glorious Feast: Hunt Deviljho Kairu Forest
  • Raven’s Revenge: Hunt Tikashi Terra Valley
  • Fire and Flames: Hunt Lunastra Teockooma Volcano
  • Canyon of The Flame: Hunt Lunastra Tisharia Canyon
  • Save The Village: Hunt Kaiclikou, Nargacuga, and Jinouga Kairu Forest ( Urgent to G.R. 60 Urgent)
  • Crop Scares: Hunt Ratrios and Yian Kut-ku Terra Valley(Urgent to G.R. 60)

G.R.60-79 High Rank

Subspecies are able to be hunted and the end-game monsters(Fatalises,Akantor,Lao Shan Lung, etc.) are able to be hunted at this rank

  • Harvest Tour Terra Valley: Deliver Paw Pass Terra Valley
  • Harvest Tour Iokshiobara Border: Deliver Paw Pass Iokshiobara Border
  • Harvest Tour Mogara Coast: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Mogara Coast
  • Harvest Tour Fhionagi Delta: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Fhionagi Delta
  • Desert Crab: Hunt Plum Daimyo Hermitaur Tiakari Desert
  • Ruling Into A Case:Hunt Daimyo Hermitaur Tiakari Desert
  • Head High: Hunt Gypceros Fhionagi Delta
  • Forest, Shrouded In Mist: hunt Purple Gypceros Daiaku Forest ^
  • Giant Ears In The Jungle: Hunt Yian Kut-Ku Caracaru Jungle
  • Feeling Blue: hunt Blue Yian Kut-Ku Caracaru Jungle
  • Shocking News: Hunt Khezu Derashiou Cliffs
  • Blood Red: hunt Red Khezu Fhionagi Delta
  • Trouble’s Deed:Hunt Qurupecco Zianticka Plains
  • Wild Bull In The Jungle: Hunt Bulldrome Caracaru Jungle
  • Jaggi Menace: Hunt Great Jaggi Terra Valley
  • Here Fish: Hunt Razzalulentae Mogara Coast
  • Can’t Bear It: Hunt Aoashira Daiaku Forest
  • Poison Dog: Hunt Dosufurogi Caracaru Jungle
  • Sleeping Dog: Hunt Great Baggi Geluora Peninsula
  • Mountain Menace: Hunt Giadrome Makaia Mountain Range
  • Raptor Monster: Hunt Velocidrome Mogara Coast
  • Fight on The Savanna: Hunt Two Gendrome Zianticka Plains
  • Desert Dual: Hunt Gendrome Tiakari Desert
  • Fear of Poison: Hunt Iodrome Fhionagi Delta
  • Spike Shell: Hunt Apcerodon Tisharia Canyon
  • Failure to Pack Ice: Hunt Mammosos Geluora Peninsula
  • Royal Sponge: Hunt Royal Ludroth Iokshiobara Boarder
  • Gobble it Up: Hunt Gobul Fhionagi Delta
  • Ice Seal: Hunt Daiuka Geluora Peninsula

G.R. 80-99

  • Harvest Tour Tisharia Canyon: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Tisharia Canyon
  • Harvest Tour Daiaku Forest:Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Daiaku Forest
  • Harvest Tour Makaia Mountain Range: Deliver Paw Pass Makaia Mountain Range
  • Harvest Tour Darrrukair Plateau: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Darrrukair Plateau
  • Harvest Tour Caracaru Jungle: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Caracaru Jungle
  • Metal Bear: Hunt Bronze Aoashira Zianticka Plains
  • Silver Desert: Hunt White Monoblos Tiakari Desert
  • Poisonous Waters: Hunt Purple Royal Ludroth Caracaru Jungle ^
  • Flash In Fire: Hunt Crimson Qurupecco Teockooma Volcano
  • Forest Hop: Hunt Black Urukususu Daiaku Forest
  • Arctic Predator: Hunt Ice Barroth Darrukair Plateau
  • Terra Ceanataur: Hunt Terra Shogun Ceanataur Teockooma Volcano
  • Bright Bird: Hunt Bright Hypnocatrice Caracaru Jungle
  • Azure Feathers: Hunt Azure Hypnocatrice Terra Valley
  • Red Fire Fish: Hunt Red Lavasioth Teockooma Volcano
  • Fire Mouth: Hunt Crimson Hapurubotsuka Teockooma Volcano
  • Leaf Fish: Hunt Brown Gobul Fhionagi Delta
  • Sand Lion: Hunt Copper Blangonga Tisharia Canyon
  • Emerald King: Hunt Emerald Congalala Iokshiobara Boarder

G.R. 100-119

  • Harvest Tour Zianticka Plains: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Zianticka Plains
  • Harvest Tour Derashiou Cliffs: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Derashiou Cliffs
  • Harvest Tour Kairu Forest: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Kairu Forest
  • Harvest Tour Mogara Ruins: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Mogara Ruins
  • Harvest Tour Teockooma Volcano: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket Teockooma Volcano
  • Black Horn: Hunt Black Diablos Tiakari Desert
  • Dead or Alive: Hunt Orange Barioth Tiakari Desert
  • Power of Steel: Hunt Steel Uragaan Teockooma Volcano
  • Frozen Leviathan In The Ice: Hunt Ice Agnaktor Makaia Mountain Range
  • Green Gaze: Hunt Green Nargacuga Terra Valley
  • Gravel Rock: Hunt Black Gravios Teockooma Volcano
  • Green Mean Rolling Machine: Hunt Green Rangurotora Kairu Forest
  • Gaze of a Tyrant: Hunt Black Tigrex Teockooma Volcano
  • Green Dragon: Hunt Emerald Lagiacrus Iokshiobara Border
  • Pillar if Flame: Hunt Red Gurenzeburu Teockooma Volcano
  • Unto The Poison: Hunt Purple Doboruberuku Fhionagi Delta
  • An Unseen Tempest: Hunt Silver Jinouga Fhionagi Delta
  • Advanced* The Coming of Fire and Water: Hunt Gurenzeburu, and Red Gurenzeburu Tika Stadium

G.R.120-139 G Rank

  • Harvest Tour Deserted Island: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Deserted Island
  • Harvest Tour Fertile Forest and Hills: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Fertile Forest and Hills
  • Harvest Tour The Misty Swamp: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Misty Swamp
  • Harvest Tour The Murky Swamp: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Murky Swamp
  • Harvest Tour The Temperate Mountain Forest: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Temperate Mountain Forest
  • Harvest Tour The Rocky Highland: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Rocky Highland
  • Jaggi Menace: Hunt Great Jaggi The Deserted Island
  • Blue Stripe Beast: Hunt Velocidrome The Fertile Forest and Hills
  • High Flying Stunt: Hunt Yian Kut-Ku The Emerald Jungle
  • Picking off The Bone Pile: Hunt Ratrios The Deserted Island


  • Harvest Tour The Sandy Plains: Deliver The Paw Pass Ticket The Sandy Plains
  • Harvest Tour The Silver Snowy Mountains: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Silver Snowy Mountains
  • Harvest Tour The Deserted Desert:Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Deserted Desert
  • Harvest Tour The Ancient Jungle: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Ancient Jungle
  • Harvest Tour Flooded Forest: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Flooded Forest
  • Harvest Tour The Scorched Desert: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Scorched Desert
  • Harvest Tour The Great Forest: Deliver The Paw Pass Ticket The Great Forest

G.R. 160-179

  • Harvest Tour The Great Volcano: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Great Volcano
  • Harvest Tour The Deep Gorge: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Deep Gorge
  • Harvest Tour The Burning Volcano: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Burning Volcano
  • Harvest Tour The Frozen Tundra: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Frozen Tundra
  • Harvest Tour The Volatile Volcano: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Volatile Volcano
  • Harvest Tour The Mysterious Tour: Deliver Paw Pass Ticket The Mysterious Tower

G.R. 180-199/Hardcore Rank

Mysterious Enemy: Hunt Yian Kut-Ku Caracaru Jungle

Enemy Lines: Hunt Great Jaggi Terra Valley

Poisonous Jungle: Hunt Dosufurogi The Flooded Forest

Dual Furogi: hunt Two Dosufurogi Teockooma volcano

G.R. 200-219

G.R. 220 and higher

Event Quests

(along with Event Weapons)

  • Ending The Case: Hunt Nargacuga and Kaiclikou Kairu Forest Subquest 1.Hunt the free-roaming Aoashira 2. Break Nargacuga’s wings must be G.R. 68/G three to participate Event Reward King Wood

Quest writer, Rich Gambler Written request: Two of my friends have said that Kaiclikou and Nargacuga could easily evade a skilled hunting party, but I want to prove them wrong. So hunt them down, or else I’ll lose 1,000,000z!

Weapon that is made with King Wood: The Judges Gavel: A Giant Gavel that was once used by a wyverian judge Stats: 1,860 raw power 30% affinity, White Sharpness, Element Ailment when Awakened 450 Paralyze

Materials Required: Five King Wood,One Kaiclikou Heavenly Scale,One Nargacuga Heavenly Scale, Thirty Eltalite Ore

King’s Gavel:2,600 raw power 40% affinity Black Sharpness Element/Ailment when Awakened 700 Dragon

Required To be upgraded to King’s Gavel: One Shinning Kaiclikou Gem. one Shining Nargacuga Gem,Thirteen King Wood

  • Land of The Ancients: Hunt Kaiclikou,Carrosovia, and Tigrex Mogara Ruins subquest 1.Capture Kaiclikou subquest 2.Deliver two Wyvern Tears Must be G.R.92/Hardcore Three to participate Reward Ancient Plans

Quest writer, Brilliant Professor,Written Request: No! the monsters that have been collected have escaped when the caravans were traveling through the ruins.We must catch them dead or alive, but they must not damage the history there.

Weapons Created with the Ancient Plans: Ancients Sword: A great sword used by the people who lived in the Mogara Ruins. How could we have lost these brilliant swords? 2,450 Raw Power, 38% affinity, 500 dragon element and 300 sleep ailment, Silver Sharpness

Items Required: Five Ancient Plans, One Shining Carrosovia Gem, One Shining Kaiclikou Gem, One Shining Tigrex Gem

  • The Perfect Villain:Hunt Nargacuga,Deviljho,and Batoru The Battle Stadium No subquests Must Be G.R. 92 Hardcore 3 Rank

Writer: Novelist, Written Request: I know of the great villain in the novel “Legend of Tiku” I want to create the villain’s weapon, and it must be made from the parts of these monsters. It will make you the perfect villain.

Items received from this quest:Saber Plans.

Items created with Saber Plans: Shadow Sabers Description: The blades of Raiko the villain in “Legend of Tiku”. They are as long as long swords, but they are dual blades. Status 800 raw power, Element 300 dragon affinity 25% Sharpness Black

Items Required: One Nargacuga Shining Gem,One Deviljho Shining Gem,Two Moonlight Batoru Fangs,Five Saber Plans

  • World Tour: Hunt the monsters in these areas in the order(tour quest)All monsters have 1/10 of their regular health)No time Limit)You can take Twelve people on this quest )Air balloons are in great numbers)Whenever you kill a monster fireworks go off)You get supplies at every place you go to)must be G.R. 200 to participate)
  • Region 1 Terra valley: Hunt Bright Hypnocatrice,Yian Garuga, and Rathian
  • Region 2 Mogara Coast:Hunt Plum Daimyo Hermitaur,Klyothiatone,and Lagiacrus
  • Region Three Iokshiobara Boarder: Hunt Razzalutentae,Espinas, and Caocaru
  • Region Four Fhionagi Delta: Hunt Gobul,Pariapurria, and Akura Jebia
  • Region Five Tiakari Desert: HuntCopper Aoashira,Akura Vashimu, and Diablos
  • Region Six Caracaru Jungle: Hunt Azure Hypnocatrice,Green Rangurotora, and Orange Espinas
  • Region Seven Daiaku Forest: Hunt Nono Orugaron,Kamu Orugaron, and Jinouga
  • Region Eight Derashiou Cliffs: Hunt Vultrice,Gurenzeburu, and Carrosovia
  • Region Nine Darrrukair Plateau: Hunt Urukususu,Blangonga, and Uganloktor
  • Region Ten Makaia Mountain Range: Hunt Barioth,Mickari, and Doragyurosu
  • Region Eleven Mogara Ruins: Hunt Kirin,Dokuru, and Dyuragaua
  • Region Twelve Tisharia Canyon: Hunt Rajang,Bronze Aoashira, and Berukyurosu
  • Region Thirteen Kairu Forest: Hunt Viaparios,Nargacuga, and Kaiclikou
  • Region Fourteen Ziantcika Plains: Hunt Galabanga, Maiogairaki and Tigrex
  • Region Fifteen Teockooma Volcano: Hunt Agnaktor,Rathalos, and Black Tigrex

Quest Writer: Rich Thrill Seeker,Written Request: I want the to see the greatest hunts in the greatest places.I’m bored of just watching hunts in the arena. Now that I have many air balloons I can take thousands to watch this hunt, so bring your best gear for it is time for the ultimate challenge.

Reward:Ultima Ticket What it’s used for: Ultima Weapon line: Each has the highest attack power in their line,black sharpness, and 50% affinity to match its difficulty to obtain .

Battle Stadium (this applies to offline and online)

Coliseum Rank *( must be HR. *)

The Hunter’s Adversary: hunt Velocidrome

Bulldrome Fighter: hunt Bulldrome

The Reptile Monster: hunt Great Jaggi

A Pink Beast: hunt the Congalala

Many Mouths: hunt ten Pariaps

The Flying Jack: hunt Qurupecco

Piscine Out of Water: hunter plesioth

A Hunter’s Menace: hunt ten shakalakas

Call The Exterminator: hunt Ratrios

Big Lizards: hunt ten ludroth

A Wyvern of Yian: hunt yian kut-ku

Ray Out of Water: hunt Razzalulentae

Cave Creature In The Light: hunt Khezu

Hypno Hypno: hunt hypnocatrice

Spit Take: hunt Giadrome, Great Baggi and Iodrome

Where Things Get Ugly: hunt Gypceros

A Crab Dinner: hunt Daimyo Hermitaur

Face The Pack: hunt eight Orugarons

C.R. **( by H.R. ****)

Loyal and Royal: hunt Royal ludroth

Red Rival: hunt Keiroosku

Metal Dragon: hunt kushula Daora

The Ice Beast: hunt blangonga

Crabby: hunt shogun ceanataur

Spiky: hunt gobul

Rule of Threes: hunt velcoidrome, great jaggi, and keiroosku

Shocking: hunt kirin

Big Arachnid: hunt arachnodioros

King of The Scorpion: hunt Akura Vashimu

Gluttony: hunt pariapurria

Red Piscine Blue Piscine: hunt plesoith and lavasioth

Something’s Fishy: hunt ironious

Slithering: hunt viaparios

Flying: hunt remobracene

C.R. *** ( must H.R. *******)

Sky King: hunt rathalos

Pure Darkness: hunt nargacuga

Rage: hunt tigrex

Golden Hunt: hunt rajang

Treeflame: Hunt Kaiclikou

The Wyvern of Lightning: hunt berukyurosu

Earth Queen: hunt rathian

White Scales: hunt white espinas

Royal Pains: hunt Nono and Kamu Orugaron

Sea Beastie: hunt lagiacrus

Wyvern of Water: hunt caocaru

Brute Force: hunt Deviljho

Cliff Climber: hunt carrosovoia

Take A Rest: hunt dyuragaua

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