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MH3 questions about online

Everyone on the wiki knows of Tri's online, and many people play online. I have gotten wifi so then the question had risen up once again "should I get Tri." Now that I have online that answer is a yes, but before I get tri have a few questions that I wish to be answered, and they are:

  • Are there people who don't swear all the time( answer preferred from people on the U.S. server.It doesn't mean people from E.U. servers can't answer.)
  • Are there people who know about skills and all that stuff in the lower rank.
  • If could have a guess what percentage of people are kind i.e. people who don't spout insults just because somebody got hit without doing nothing anything wrong besides getting hit.
  • Can you remove people from your friends list
  • Had 91010 error, where you get disconnected from wifi completely, and so far after I turned wii connect 24 off I haven't had it is that the cause or is it something else.Please don't go and get the answer from the nintendo website because I've been there and I just got lost in everything.
  • How many times would I have to say "just shut up and fight" at people who are chatting.
  • Are leechers common on the U.S. server.

There could be more questions later. Thanks to any who answers any questions

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