You can tell Monster Hunter is the rage in Japan, but Capcom is not just letting the game reveal little about itself.It's even shown a picture about the game disk being made.Yeah that's right they're showing the game disk being in the factory.

To see the picture go here

Apparently the warning sign is part of a new type of quest called the Ranyuu Quest.If you're the lonely bird that rarely gets to go in the spa with one of your friends that has exchanged friend cards you may like Furatto Hunter system.It allows you to have those characters appear in the spa without them actually being there.Also a railroad company with actually advertise MHP3rd.Yeah that's right. MHP3rd is going to be advertised by a train company.There are also some other endorsements for MHP3rd.

If you're in Japan on 3/13/11, 3/19/11, 3/21/11, 3/27/11, 4/3/11, and 4/10 /11 and in late May(no specified date for this tournament) there will be tournaments for MHP3rd.Oh yeah apparently the cinematic on the latest trailer was part of the opening movie.

If you want to learn more this subject go here(oh yeah this is in english)

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