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  • The Monster-Hunter

    We all knew it was coming. The Felynes will return to the PSP in that cute format of Poka Poka Felyne Village.

    The official site:

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  • The Monster-Hunter
    The truth there is a gigginox subspecies.A thunder one.Sound familiar anyone?Discuss this at once.


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  • The Monster-Hunter

    You can tell Monster Hunter is the rage in Japan, but Capcom is not just letting the game reveal little about itself.It's even shown a picture about the game disk being made.Yeah that's right they're showing the game disk being in the factory.

    To see the picture go here

    Apparently the warning sign is part of a new type of quest called the Ranyuu Quest.If you're the lonely bird that rarely gets to go in the spa with one of your friends that has exchanged friend cards you may like Furatto Hunter system.It allows you to have those characters appear in the spa without them actually being there.Also a railroad company with actually advertise MHP3rd.Yeah that'…

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  • The Monster-Hunter

    Every one knows that some monsters are tougher than others, but when two monsters are compared. Who is harder? Well let's have the community of the wiki decide.

    This week's matchup is

    Rajang: The great electric ape is violent. His electric beam and punches make him a skilled fighter.He can easily catch you off-guard, and he will hit you hard. People love him, but aren't comfortable fighting him in person. He can easily be called a super monster.

    Deviljho: This beast is a relative new comer to the series. His dragon breath and wide-ranged attacks make him powerful. With the addition of him appearing in almost all high--rank quest can easily scare the living crap out of the player.

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  • The Monster-Hunter

    If any of you know there is a new famitsu with some shocking new monster. Which includes the long fantisied tigrex subspecies. Also Jinouga looks pretty sweet in rage mode.

    The Link:http:

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