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April 17, 2011
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  • The Dark Hunter

    Heey guys! You know about TeamFun. Well Chiron made a Site for us! It named: mh3TeamFun

    Its pretty cool. we gone work about it but it will be nice. Well see you later!

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  • The Dark Hunter

    If you want a Uragaan Ruby you need to do Uragaa+. When you do that you need to breake his jaw and cut his tail. Then cap Uragaan. You got the monst chance then. Believe my it works. Maybe not the first time but keep trying. My friend chiron (The Licht Hunter) was having trubble with Uragaan Ruby to. he tryd and tryd but no Ruby! At the end finely he got 2 Ruby's.

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  • The Dark Hunter

    Jhen Morhan

    April 17, 2011 by The Dark Hunter

    Heey guys! Jhen Morhan is in the city! Jhen Morhan + his realy fun. I dont think he stays long..

    When you hr 27 you can do normal Jhen Morhan. Just take a wep with dragon elem. Jhen Morhan is weak to dragon elem. You can Put 2holes in his back and his honrs can be broken, and his legs when you enter final station you can run to his legs and hurt him.

    Good luck if you wane ask somthing about a monster ask it!

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  • The Dark Hunter

    Leader of team fun.

    Hi i'm laura the leader of team fun together with chiron, if you like to join ur team. tell us you name and how we can find you. then you have to proof yourself with 1qeust. we look how you fight then we maybe accept you... Try it if you can!

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