1.Barioth vs Gigginox

2.Ceadeus vs Lagiacrus

3. Deviljho vs Uragaan

4. Rathian vs Rathalos

5. Royal Ludroth vs Gobul

6. Diablos vs Barroth

7. rathian and rathalos vs barioth and diablos

8. lagiacrus and alatreon vs shen mohran and ceadeus

9. Great Jaggi+minions vs Great Baggi+minions

10. Barioth,Ceadeus,Deviljho,Rathian,R.Ludroth,Diablos,Lagiacrus,Great Jaggi,Agnaktor


Gigginox,Uragaan,Rathalos,Gobul,Barroth,Shen mohran,Great Baggi,Qurupeco,Alatreon

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