Ok guys, I'm sure we'v eall had those MH moments where we wish certain monsters were not on main quests... or maybe we wish them to just dissapear from the game... I am sure we all have that nemesis... that monster we all love to hate, the one that make us smile wide open and celebrate when we finally kill the damned bastard... We have fought monsters that make us take our noobish selves out and thow our controlers or PSP'S away while we look at the night sky, having flashbacks of that beast kicking our arse... So I wanted to share and read your toughts on the monsters that have made you put this face: D:

Mines would be:

-Rajang (...yeah... Just killed 1 or 2 on my Hunter virtual career)

-Tigrex (yeah I know how easily people kills it on videos but.. won't work for me :/)


-Barroth (not really hard but... I've allways fought him with NOOBS -.-)

-Lagiacrus (only when in-water... and I'm slowly starting to get out of that hatred phase :) )

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