Gathering all Hunters! To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Generations, we've put together a Community Choice Awards for the Monster Hunter series. This series has been a longtime favorite for it's frantic combat system, massive boss fights, expansive crafting system, and strength of it's community. Now it's time to decide which weapons, styles, and monsters are the best of the best!

Vote for your favorite choice among these ten categories to see what will come out on top. Voting will be close on July 30th, 2016. So be sure to get your votes in before then. For all new and veteran hunters out there - Happy Hunting!

Favorite Main Monster Hunter Game

Favorite Blademaster Weapon Type

Favorite Gunner Weapon Type

Favorite Hunting Style

Favorite Village in Generations

Favorite Quest Type

Favorite Monster Type

Most Deadly Deviant Monster in Generations

Favorite Elder Dragon in Generations

Most Deadly Flagship Monster in Generations

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