I am Terra a fierce hunter with "High Expectations and a Reputation"

I am looking for a group of Hunters that know what they are doing and know how to watch an ally's back. I am also looking for a Team that can survive a hunt without going down without a fight attitude.

Hunters if you are interested in joining me, Just message me and add me as a friend. Once you have completed that, These are the steps i want you to go through if you are interested as well.

(Step 1) First things first is your name.

(Step 2) Then your Hunter Rank.

(Step 3) After you pass your first 2 steps, Tell me what type of Monsters you love to hunt(so if you want we can hunt them)

(Step 4) When finished with your first  3 steps, Then explain to me your business of interest to why you want to join me.

(Step 5) Let me know what type of weapons you use and Armor aka(so i can help you get it.) And show me your Equipments.

(Step 6) Last but not least, Then we will decide the Team name together though i got a few of them i thought of so just let me know.

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