My Favorite Monster to fight (Narcacuga)(Jinouga)(Tigrex)

Narcacuga - To start off with this,Narcacuga armor set and weapons have the best affinity and looks in the game if you are a player that wants to be a ninja.Narcacuga is a fun Monster to fight because he is agressive and doesn't hold back from anything and that is also why Narcacuga is up there on my favorite list of monsters to fight against.

For players that has encountered this Beast with velocity if you plan on getting its materials to make stuff from it you should carry fire or lightning weapon because those two are its weakness and when fighting a Narcacuga always aim for the tail if possible,only because it uses its tail sometimes.

2ndGen-Nargacuga Render 001


 Jinouga - To begin with,Jinouga has badass armor set and weapons if any players is interested.It is a beast with the same velocity and strength as the "Narcacuga" but its style of fighting is different.

When fighting Jinouga you want to make sure you cut it's tail off so it won't be an issue later on when he uses it to attack you.Make sure that if he is charging up prevent him from going to his third mode where he basically goes super saiyan or else you're going to have difficulty fighting him while he is in it.

Jinouga Pic


Jinouga is up there on the list because he is my bane of my existance,after encountering him for the first time he costed me two of my lives forcing me to leave that mission but still completed because i have slain the BullDrome. Though i was like "im leaving" because i couldnt even flinch him but now i can do more than just that.Btw he is a fun monster to fight against when having a group against him it makes things epic and interesting.

Tigrex - To start him off,His armor set is useful because they have earplugs and tracker if your the type of player who doesn't want to waste paintballs etc. and hates it when the bosses roars stopping you in the middle of your combo then i would recommend the armor set and not any of the tigrex weapons due to only because of their negative affinity unlike "Narcacuga weapons that gives positive affinity". For players encountering this beast for the first time,the only way to beat him is patience because if you get greedy and try to get a hit in it will only be worse for you.When Tigrex is enraged he barely has any openings to hitting him so you will have to wait till he is tired or out of it.

Tigrex is up there for agressivness and because when fighting him it is sometimes interesting to see what he does when fighting him that is my favorite thing about him and he is simple to beat anyway.
Tigrex Pic


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