Terra Edge

aka Kusanagi Edge

  • I live in Virginia Beach,VA
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is N/A
  • I am Male
  • Terra Edge

    Greetings Hunters, This is Terra and i am wondering what kind of pet system would MHP3rd have if you got to choose your own Monster as a pet after capturing it on a quest? and what would you name it.Leave a comment Below please :)





    (Type of Environment you would give it)

    Be Creative ^_-!

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  • Terra Edge

    Hey It's Terra for those that are following me or checking out my Blog/Talk Page

    My Skype is darkbushido1 bcuz im on there most of the time and helping out my friends on MHP3rd.

    sometimes playing MHFU gets very lonely but if you could add your skype email i would add you and to let you know i live in Virginia Beach so if anyone is near me we could play MHP3rd or MHFU

    P.S. I'm not that far in MHFU bcuz when i started playing MHP3rd it felt like i moved to a new village so i started playing that more. XD

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  • Terra Edge

    I am Terra a fierce hunter with "High Expectations and a Reputation"

    I am looking for a group of Hunters that know what they are doing and know how to watch an ally's back. I am also looking for a Team that can survive a hunt without going down without a fight attitude.

    Hunters if you are interested in joining me, Just message me and add me as a friend. Once you have completed that, These are the steps i want you to go through if you are interested as well.

    (Step 1) First things first is your name.

    (Step 2) Then your Hunter Rank.

    (Step 3) After you pass your first 2 steps, Tell me what type of Monsters you love to hunt(so if you want we can hunt them)

    (Step 4) When finished with your first  3 steps, Then explain to me your business of interest to…

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  • Terra Edge

    My Favorite Monster to fight (Narcacuga)(Jinouga)(Tigrex)

    Narcacuga - To start off with this,Narcacuga armor set and weapons have the best affinity and looks in the game if you are a player that wants to be a ninja.Narcacuga is a fun Monster to fight because he is agressive and doesn't hold back from anything and that is also why Narcacuga is up there on my favorite list of monsters to fight against.

    For players that has encountered this Beast with velocity if you plan on getting its materials to make stuff from it you should carry fire or lightning weapon because those two are its weakness and when fighting a Narcacuga always aim for the tail if possible,only because it uses its tail sometimes.

     Jinouga - To begin with,Jinouga has badass armor set …

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