Veggie Elder Ticket Trades MH3 Ultimate

I tried out the different trades which are possible with the Veggie Elder. I think its a nice-to-know information. It's not necessary to be in a G-Rank-Quest to get a G-Rank-Item. You can get any Item in every Rank, if you have the right ticket. You earn the tickets for playing with friends often.

Deserted Island

VE-Ticket                    Life Crystals

VE Deluxe Ticket         Life Powder

VE Bronze Ticket         Rathian-Spike

VE Silver Ticket           Rathalos-Plate

VE Gold Ticket            Rathalos-Ruby

VE Cosmic Ticket        Rathalos Mantle

Sandy Plains

VE-Ticket                    Demondrug

VE Deluxe Ticket         Mega-Demondrug

VE Bronze Ticket        Nibelsnarf Scalp

VE Silver Ticket           Rathian-Plate

VE Gold Ticket            Rathian-Ruby

VE Cosmic Ticket        Rathian Mantle

Flooded Forest

VE-Ticket                    Nutrients

VE Deluxe Ticket         Mega-Nutrients

VE Bronze Ticket         R.Ludroth.-Crest

VE Silver Ticket           Duram Tail Bone

VE Gold Ticket            Duram Sacrum

VE Cosmic Ticket        Durambolite


VE-Ticket                    Armorskin

VE Deluxe Ticket         Mega-Armorskin

VE Bronze Ticket        Gigginox-Claw

VE Silver Ticket          Barioth-Spike

VE Gold Ticket           Brachydios-Stone

VE Cosmic Ticket       Brachy Pallium


VE-Ticket                    Max-Potion

VE Deluxe Ticket         Ancient-Potion

VE Bronze Ticket         Volvidon Rickrack

VE Silver Ticket           Uragaan-Marrow

VE Gold Ticket            Uragaan-Ruby

VE Cosmic Ticket        Uragaan Pallium

Misty Peaks

VE-Ticket                    Dash Juice

VE Deluxe Ticket         Mega Dash Juice

VE Bronze Ticket         Flintstone

VE Silver Ticket            Vivid Feather

VE Gold Ticket             Zinogre Jaspis

VE Cosmic Ticket         Zin Skymerald

Source of the Cosmic Ticket Information:

Capcom Unity Forum

Thanks, Teiyri

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