• Teiyri

    Veggie Elder Ticket Trade

    April 14, 2013 by Teiyri

    Veggie Elder Ticket Trades MH3 Ultimate

    I tried out the different trades which are possible with the Veggie Elder. I think its a nice-to-know information. It's not necessary to be in a G-Rank-Quest to get a G-Rank-Item. You can get any Item in every Rank, if you have the right ticket. You earn the tickets for playing with friends often.

    Deserted Island

    VE-Ticket                    Life Crystals

    VE Deluxe Ticket         Life Powder

    VE Bronze Ticket         Rathian-Spike

    VE Silver Ticket           Rathalos-Plate

    VE Gold Ticket            Rathalos-Ruby

    VE Cosmic Ticket        Rathalos Mantle

    Sandy Plains

    VE-Ticket                    Demondrug

    VE Deluxe Ticket         Mega-Demondrug

    VE Bronze Ticket        Nibelsnarf Scalp

    VE Silver Ticket           Rathia‚Ķ

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