I'm probably the unluckiest hunter alive. Who am I kidding? I AM the unluckiest hunter alive. Here's how.

I finally hunted down the Lagiacrus. It was easy enough. Well, kind of. Anyway, that's not the unlucky part. Then, Cha-cha disappeared and I tried to capture a Lagiacrus(last night.). I dealt enough damage and planted a shock trap. Then, the Lagiacrus used the forward-thrust with mouth open attack. It got caught in the shock trap (Yay!) but it's attack also hit me and I got dazed (Boo!). Before I could recover, the Lagiacrus recovered. I tried hitting it with my tranq bombs but they all missed and I bailed out of the game because I hadn't more Traps or tranq bombs.

In the morning, I tried to deliver 2 powderstones. The first one was was easy enough. When I was in the second one, I got it tried to get back. I was so excited and I ran so hard, I forgot about looking at my stamina gauge lost all of it, fell down and destroyed my powderstone. When I was in Area 1! Soooo close! I redid it, succeded and unlocked a new quest.

I tried to hunt a Duramboros. It dealt enough damage to me so that one attack would kill me. Then I fainted. After that I realized that it wasn't the Duramboros. It was a Bnahabra. What I mean is there is a huge HUGE Duramboros a millimeter away from me and what faints me is a teeny tiny Bnahabra. I quit some time later.

I tried it again (some time ago actually), ran out of time and failed. I made such a lot of hits(not at first, in the beginning, I was in evade mode.) but still failed. I guess time for a new weapon.

Anyways, thanks for reading the post of the Unluckiest hunter alive. Please comment and Bye-bye!

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