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Sweet,Sweet Revenge

SusM July 4, 2013 User blog:SusM

Remember how yesterday, I was totally downed by a Qurupeco? Today, I had my revenge. I downed not one but two Qurupecos. The first one was in deserted island. This one also summoned a Rathian(or whatever) and tried to escape but I took care of it. I forgot to bring whetstones on that quest but thanks to the supplies and whetfish(which I fished during my hiding). Thank god it was enough and I brought it down.

The second one was the Sandy Plains. This one summoned some monsters but no Rathians(or whatever). It only summoned some Jaggias or something like that. I was able to upgrade my Switch Axe to Arzuros Axe and then to Pecospander. I also bought a Bone Axe and forged a Wild Axe.

All in all, I made a lot of progress today.

BTW, my elder cousin sister tried playing this game(as in right now). She's more of an amine person than a game person and I can say she's having a hard time.

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