Catchy name huh?

Anyway, I did a Uragaan again. I got what I wanted from rewards and carves. Although I didn't actually cut any part of it off. Then, I upgraded my Assault Axe+ into a Blitzkrieg. I also used that Blitzkrieg to down a Rathalos. I fainted once in that quest. I finally FINALLY upgraded my Pecospander into Pecospander+. I've been using the same Switch Axe since times of the Qurupeco. As you might've guessed, I used Rathalos parts. That's what took me so long.

So anyway, what led me to this catchy name is the fact that I hunted down a Lagiacrus. It was a guild quest (I mean seriously, I haven't been in Port Tanzia in a long time.). Before that, I hunted down a Rathian, Gobul and Royal Ludroth in guild quests. All alone. I know guid quests are multiplayer but I don't have anyone I know own MH3U(or a 3DS or a Wii U for that matter.) Ok now I was hunting a Lagiacrus. I did a lot of damage. It escaped to area 10 of deserted island. As you know, this area has some underwater rock piles. It got stuck in one. I mean pretty obviously, it was trying to escape onto land. It was trying to swim through a rock pile (It has done it a few times when using charge attack). It was trying to swim and I was landing a lot of hits on it's tail. I was thinking like "Capcom, either make future Lagiacruses smarter or make their tails move less. I mean half of my attacks on the tail missed. Although I severed it, sheathed my weapon, carved the tail, unsheathed my weapon and still had the time to land some more hits. In the end, I'm HR2 right now. Feeling great about it. Now I just have to try and get farther.

Well, that's it. Please comment and Bye!

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