Long time no blog, huh? Well, these few days I've made a lot of progress. Last time I was stuck (and later hunted) on a Qurupeco. Now, I'm stuck on a Lagiacrus. The second part- the hunt part. Let's see how I got there.

Well, I could (finally) hunt a Royal Ludroth. After a few tries. Now I'm kinda an expert at it(without any Mega Potions or Potions, thanks to Cha-cha's dances.) Also I kinda thought Barroth was kinda easy for a 4-star-threat monster. The first monster whose tail I cut off was a Barroth. The Gobul was kinda hard but I did it(thanks to a Youtube video.) The Rathian was very hard but I cut it's tail too. I also failed(twice.) Every time I failed, it was like Home Menu-No Save-Yes-Restart. Haha, Thanks to Planet Racer(, I learned that. You have reputations in planet racer so.

Also, is it just me or are guild quests a lot harder than village quests? And also I don't think it's just me. I also forged a lot of weapons(Long Swords AND Switch Axes, they're what I specialize in although I'm verrrrry good in Dual Blades.) I tried killing a Purple Ludroth in the Arena. No weapons I specialize in so I used a Hammer. I failed (miserably and many many times.) I also killed a Lagombi, Great Wroggi and Great Baggi. But to upgrade my main weapon, I have to kill a Rathalos. Can't wait.

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