Like I said, I am the unluckiest hunter alive. Sometimes, MH3U becomes so annoying y'know. It's sad. What's more sad is that when I think of it later on, I realize that I could've easily prevented it with just a little bit of preparation. Here's what happened.

The beginning is not so unlucky. I hunted another Duramboros. And then a Volvidon. The Volvidon in my first time. Once you know how to hunt a Lagombi and stuff, Volvidon was so easy. Then a Lagiacrus. They were easy enough once you know how to hunt them down. Now the unlucky part.

I upgraded my Assault Axe into Assault Axe+. To hunt a Rathalos, I wanted to upgrade it even further. Last time I hunted a Rathian, I fainted twice. Thank God it was a free hunt. I was searching for Rathian Plate to forge Blademaster waist armor. I read that Rathalos is considerably harder than a Rathian so I wanted to be as prepared as I could. Anyway, to upgrade my Assault Axe+ I needed Uragaan stuff. I took the "Deliver Powderstones" quest. With Rathian Armor(w/o Waist) and a Rimeblade (which I used to hunt Volvidon) I delivered 1 Powderstone and hunted an Uragaan. It was so much easier than I thought. I was like "Haha, this is a 5star monster haha" I collected 2/3 Uragaan items I needed. Then, I ran out of cold drinks. I tried to deliver the last powderstone but fainted and failed twice. Cha-cha and Kayamba didn't do nothing but watch. They could've danced when I needed them to. Kayamba Health Recovered(S) twice when I didn't need it. ARGH!

Then, I quit that quest, realized that I lost my vital items I needed so didn't save, restarted the same mission and failed. I failed to Uragaan the third time too. But funny thing is the second and third time I was totally prepared. The first time, I barely was.

It's funny how much luck plays a part in a hunt. Sure it's talent and experience and strategy and information but let's admit it, luck plays as much role as all the others. And maybe sometimes luck wasn't with me. Bu by no means does that mean I'm gonna quit.

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