I finally did the Ceadeus and am right now in high rank in the village but still HR2. I tried the Purple Ludroth once. I could've done for sure but abandoned it somewhere in the middle. I tried killing a Gargwa just to see it laying an egg. It was kinda funny to be honest.

Anyway, I started off a Uragaan. I hunted one(in an actual Hunt Uragaan quest instead of a Deliver Powderstones quest.) Then I hunted a few Lagiacruses to gather materials for a Bolt Axe. I read that a Ceadeus is weak to Thunder so. 

I didn't really play a long time in the last 24 hours so that's about it. Just three more main things to say.

I really want to forge a Inceadeus Axe and trying to gather materials for it. It is one of the weapons featured in the demo so I wanted it.

I reached High rank in the village in around 70 hrs of play. Is that too much, too less or just ok for a beginner?

I don't think I'll be able to write many blog posts from now on because college starts from tomorrow. But maybe I'll do it once a week. 

Thanks for reading, tell me what you think of all my blog posts(my blog posts not progress, whether they are good,bad or unnecessary.) and please comment as well as vote. Bye!

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