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SusM July 11, 2013 User blog:SusM

I finally did a Duramboros. Thanks to it's wiki article. I was able to make it fall down, destroyed it's hump and finally did it. I also captured a Lagiacrus. I unlocked a few quests and tried doing a Nibelsnarf. 1st try I failed. Weapon was faulty. I used a Ludroth Axe. It has crappy sharpness. Every 5 mins I was busy getting out of there, sharpening and going back. It was strange.

I only succeded in the second try. It was a Pecospander as usual. I used most of my items. Even mega potions. I attacked a lot at first. Then it tried to sleep. I used my Barrel bombs. They weren't exploding by themselves so I attacked with my fire weapon. Both me and the monster got hit. I then realized that all the bombs hadn't exploded and I took a lot of damage. I changed my area, used 2 mega potions and when I got back, it went down with 1 hit. I didn't get angry. I'm fine.

Anyway.I had a few questions.

When will MH4 come out in Europe?(I live in Nepal but my 3DS is from the UK)

How can you take a screenshot in MH3U?(Or a video for that matter. My blogs are boring with none.)

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading, please comment and bye.

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