I've tried hunting Gigginoxes before. I've failed almost all the time. You know what happens is that it poisons me a few times and I get annoyed-Home Menu-MH3U restart. Until today. I finally hunted down a Gigginox but how annoying it was for me is just laughable.

Well, I knew what happened with me before so I brought with me some Herbal Medicines(5) and Antidotes(2+2 in blue box) with me(aside from the usual Whetstones(5) and Mega Potions(5). So, I go and find the Gigginox, fight for a while. It poisons me a few times. I go like "Aren't decorations like Antidote Jewels 1 & 2(I had both on along with Rathian Armor w/o waist) supposed to heal poisoning?"Never mind, area change-medicine use-reattack. Later when I'm not really poisoned Cha-cha does an Antidote dance(Come on, Are you kidding me right now?)

Then, I sleep a few times, use all my anti-poisons. Only a 1 mega potion is remaining. I get poison again, use a mega potion and not expecting cha-cha to be of any use, I slept again. I go to fight and land a lot of hits. Again get poisoned(So is cha-cha). Ok now, he's gonna use antidote dance. Nope, he says "Cha-cha left fire going in the fire pit." And gets outta there(Cha-cha just a busy cha-cha). Ok, maybe the Gigginox is near-dead right now(He was actually.) I move to attack him, he does a neck lengthening attack and I faint(1st time).

Then, I get really pissed off and attack him. After a few hits(2 or 3), he goes down.You can just imagine my frustration. If cha-cha had just used a health recovery(S or L) or if I had brought some extra mega potions, I could've had 0 faints. But he chickens out and I greed out. Either way, I lose 1000z but at least my guild card says"Hunted 1 Gigginox".

Thanks for reading. Also please consider leaving your LOLs and ARGHs(only some mousework, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V required. And you know where my greed left me.) in the comment box below.

P.S this was my first quest in which my only items remaining was Whetstones and what I didn't take in the blue box.

1st update-some time later:I know I probably know the answer but is there any way that someone could give me 2 Rathalos Webbings? I need to upgrade my Pecospander to down Lagicrus. Like I said, I know the answer.

Also,I just checked out dazran303's youtube channel MH3U episode 35, Wroggi Armor neutralises poisoning. Hell, why didn't I think of that?

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