I just got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today (03/07/2013). This is my first MH game(I'm 16). Before I continue I've played it's demo and was able to kill Lagombi using all 12 weapons. In the full game under 4 hours, I completed 2 quests- earn resource points and slay 5 jaggias or something like that. I wanted to upgrade my bone axe but spent a lot of time searching for 1 (just 1, I already found 1 of them) carpenterbug. I spent a lot of time searching but couldn't find it. Then I downloaded some download quests. Then, I went to tanzia port for the first time.

There was a quest to hunt a Qurupeco. It was 1 star so I thought "how hard could it be, right? It's 1 star after all.". I departed and found the Qurupeco. After some fighting (and winning............. I think), the Qurupeco summoned a few jaggias and later a Rathian! I thought"I'm a dead man". After that I was barely able to attack, it was just using mega potions and dodging. I fainted 2 times. The second time the battery was a bit down (as a matter of fact, I was too. You know why. I thought "easy 3600z"). Currently, the 3DS XL(if you have a 3DS be 90% jealous-er) is charging and I am blogging.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in that comment box below. I'll update as frequently as possible on my progress.Thanks and Bye!

1st edit(around 1-2 hours later) - OK, now I'm not sure if it's a Rathian or a Rathalos (like I titled- Amateur-ness). But I know it was red-brown-ish.

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