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    High Rank Finally

    July 14, 2013 by SusM

    I finally did the Ceadeus and am right now in high rank in the village but still HR2. I tried the Purple Ludroth once. I could've done for sure but abandoned it somewhere in the middle. I tried killing a Gargwa just to see it laying an egg. It was kinda funny to be honest.

    Anyway, I started off a Uragaan. I hunted one(in an actual Hunt Uragaan quest instead of a Deliver Powderstones quest.) Then I hunted a few Lagiacruses to gather materials for a Bolt Axe. I read that a Ceadeus is weak to Thunder so. 

    I didn't really play a long time in the last 24 hours so that's about it. Just three more main things to say.

    I really want to forge a Inceadeus Axe and trying to gather materials for it. It is one of the weapons featured in the demo so I wante…

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  • SusM

    Stupid Silly Lagiacrus!

    July 13, 2013 by SusM

    Catchy name huh?

    Anyway, I did a Uragaan again. I got what I wanted from rewards and carves. Although I didn't actually cut any part of it off. Then, I upgraded my Assault Axe+ into a Blitzkrieg. I also used that Blitzkrieg to down a Rathalos. I fainted once in that quest. I finally FINALLY upgraded my Pecospander into Pecospander+. I've been using the same Switch Axe since times of the Qurupeco. As you might've guessed, I used Rathalos parts. That's what took me so long.

    So anyway, what led me to this catchy name is the fact that I hunted down a Lagiacrus. It was a guild quest (I mean seriously, I haven't been in Port Tanzia in a long time.). Before that, I hunted down a Rathian, Gobul and Royal Ludroth in guild quests. All alone. I know gu…

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  • SusM

    Like I Said

    July 12, 2013 by SusM

    Like I said, I am the unluckiest hunter alive. Sometimes, MH3U becomes so annoying y'know. It's sad. What's more sad is that when I think of it later on, I realize that I could've easily prevented it with just a little bit of preparation. Here's what happened.

    The beginning is not so unlucky. I hunted another Duramboros. And then a Volvidon. The Volvidon in my first time. Once you know how to hunt a Lagombi and stuff, Volvidon was so easy. Then a Lagiacrus. They were easy enough once you know how to hunt them down. Now the unlucky part.

    I upgraded my Assault Axe into Assault Axe+. To hunt a Rathalos, I wanted to upgrade it even further. Last time I hunted a Rathian, I fainted twice. Thank God it was a free hunt. I was searching for Rathian P…

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  • SusM


    July 11, 2013 by SusM

    I finally did a Duramboros. Thanks to it's wiki article. I was able to make it fall down, destroyed it's hump and finally did it. I also captured a Lagiacrus. I unlocked a few quests and tried doing a Nibelsnarf. 1st try I failed. Weapon was faulty. I used a Ludroth Axe. It has crappy sharpness. Every 5 mins I was busy getting out of there, sharpening and going back. It was strange.

    I only succeded in the second try. It was a Pecospander as usual. I used most of my items. Even mega potions. I attacked a lot at first. Then it tried to sleep. I used my Barrel bombs. They weren't exploding by themselves so I attacked with my fire weapon. Both me and the monster got hit. I then realized that all the bombs hadn't exploded and I took a lot of dam…

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  • SusM

    Unluckiest Hunter Alive

    July 10, 2013 by SusM

    I'm probably the unluckiest hunter alive. Who am I kidding? I AM the unluckiest hunter alive. Here's how.

    I finally hunted down the Lagiacrus. It was easy enough. Well, kind of. Anyway, that's not the unlucky part. Then, Cha-cha disappeared and I tried to capture a Lagiacrus(last night.). I dealt enough damage and planted a shock trap. Then, the Lagiacrus used the forward-thrust with mouth open attack. It got caught in the shock trap (Yay!) but it's attack also hit me and I got dazed (Boo!). Before I could recover, the Lagiacrus recovered. I tried hitting it with my tranq bombs but they all missed and I bailed out of the game because I hadn't more Traps or tranq bombs.

    In the morning, I tried to deliver 2 powderstones. The first one was was …

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