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Superclay August 10, 2010 User blog:Superclay

Hey guys, I just slayed a dang gobul! I don't know if I should get a pat on the back but it's been annoying the crap out of me!

But the reason it took forever was because there were no guides! So For those of you stuck on the Gobul, it is actually quite simple once you get the

hang of it. Slicing weapons should be used under water on its under belly (white part) until it is dead. Impact weapon people actually have it quite complicated. Start off by getting frogs! ( These are found in area 10 white worm deposites!) After that fish it out in area 4 and start beating the pulp out of it until it goes underwater. From there just try to drive it back to land by attacking it. After that just Keep fighting it until it goes to area 8. Then finish it. But For people stuck on other things, i sadly can't answer them. But all of you out there could. Post a small bit of help on any monster! ( Please no Minion monsters!) Make this what Monster Hunter Wiki wanted!

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