I've decided to make a collection of Mosters, the most epic monsters from every game of the serise of the monster hunting games I own. I'm going to include the greatest monsters of all time from MH3 and MHFU. So far, all I have is a Royal Ludroth. But I'm looking to include such monsters as Narga, Barioth, Deviljho, any monster that can really put up a fight. Of course I will need a lot of help with this. I'm just one guy, y'know? So any who can and wants to and will help (Online MH3 U.S server) please comment. I have decided to call this project The Epic Collection of Even More Epic Monsters, or TECEMEM for short. Thank you for your time, and again please comment if you will help. Also, I don't want noobs comin' here sayin, "Cap Qurupeco, he's EPIC!!" cuz he's not. Unless he's High Rank. Thanks again. Any who helps will get nachos!!

UPDATE: Rathalos has been added, Name: RedHead.

UPDATE: Barioth has been added, Name: Nardebosche (After the Barioth SnS.)

UPDATE: Agnaktor is in, Name: Shoop-da-Whoop (Shoop for short, yay references!)

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