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Excessive cussing

Excessive swaering

Excessive Bad-Wording

Excessive Nachos

Excessive Bad Jokes

Okay, so why does it seem when you make a city that says "Playing with friends" or "Skilled Players Only" some fracking Noob comes in that's got Chainmail on? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! I'm like a mother*** ******** B***** ******** soup ********************************* noob magnet!! And when you ask (politely) for them to leave, they'll either ignore it, start a Jaggi quest, and repeat again and again "JOINJOINJOINJOINJOINJOIN" or otherwise freak out on you. So yeah, there are some who are good but just low HR, but that's like, as rare as a ******* [ Insert name of ******** ***** **** ******* impossible monster item here]. I ran into this guy who was HR i think 7, who started insulting me and Fang cuz we was talkin' bout furniture. And this one guy came in one time and started bragging about how he "killed a barroth EPICLY" so I tested him on the Urgent, and he was EPIC... at FAILING. And something very odd... THEY ARE ALL, LIKE, HR 14. Every time. I try to make cities with blocks so only non-noobs that can do my quests come in, but my friend (No offense, senpai) always makes cities WITHOUT blocks, and tells me to warp. Jeez... okay, I'm done, comment about your own experiences, we need to vent sometimes.

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