...."A sneak peak of the 'Legacy of Leonhardt and Sophia'".

Nervous, Sophia, more scared then distraught, took a cautious step forward....her curious emerald eye's enlarged by the dark atmosphere. The air around her-heavy with volcanic soot...the bane of any hunter, regardless of an arm's stregnth or soul's will. Fetching a string of whetstones from her Sharq-skin satchel, she knelt onto the newest layer of the soft powder to begin pollishing the edge of her rusted Ancharius brand, mumbling some idle words to herself.She looked up, still sharpening her hunting tool, focused on one thing...her thoughts fixed on one particular thing. Mind racing to the beat of her furiously pounding heart.The sound came again, startling the isolated huntress, causing her to accidently kerf her palm against the jagged tip of her weapon. Best to grimace, then give away her location with a disgruntled "Argh!". She sighed, though careful to keep from taking in too much of the poisonous air, even more so to remain quiet. She wiped her bleeding hand against her thigh, staining her worn Ceadeus leggings. "Sooooo hot." She said, removing crown-like helm, wiping the sweet from her tan forehead. A swift breeze carrying a great deal of ash engulfed Sophia, expeditiously she covered her beautiful face with her padded gauntlets.With eyes tightly closed, nose and mouth covered, only her ears were left open to the sounds brought by the growing gust of volcano-heated wind.....sounds of gun fire, screams...and what she was hunting, or avoided being hunted; the Deviljho. A Brutus Rex Gigantica. Greyish verdant in color, head warped in proportion to body, hellish fangs, unpenetrable hide and a malevolent demeanor. Lone in nature. The Hunter of hunters, not a title-but regretful truth.Praying within herself, not for her benefit...but for those who had found their hope lost in the inescapable mouth of Deviljho.A twisted version of peace havened the area, the winds stopped for now...aswell as for the disheartening screams. Rising with Great Sword in tow, a resolve as deep as the sea filled her soul. She was ready now to face the beast, the very same who slew her angel warrior-like brother, Zeol. She was ready, willing and prepared to fight, to die this very day. "For you Zeol." _My Co-Author is none other than SirBoo. Enjoy!Soul of a Hunter 03:39, February 4, 2011 (UTC)Soul of a Hunter

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