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  • Soul of a Hunter

    ...."A sneak peak of the 'Legacy of Leonhardt and Sophia'".

    Nervous, Sophia, more scared then distraught, took a cautious step forward....her curious emerald eye's enlarged by the dark atmosphere. The air around her-heavy with volcanic soot...the bane of any hunter, regardless of an arm's stregnth or soul's will. Fetching a string of whetstones from her Sharq-skin satchel, she knelt onto the newest layer of the soft powder to begin pollishing the edge of her rusted Ancharius brand, mumbling some idle words to herself.She looked up, still sharpening her hunting tool, focused on one thing...her thoughts fixed on one particular thing. Mind racing to the beat of her furiously pounding heart.The sound came again, startling the isolated huntress,…

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  • Soul of a Hunter

    Monster Mounts

    August 29, 2010 by Soul of a Hunter

    Wouldn't it be awesome if in some MH game to come, hunters had the ability to ride the monsters that they captured instead of slayed/slew them? If you could pick any monster in the entire MH series, which one would it be, and why? To start it off, I'll go first.

    I'd choose the Nargacuga. For one reason; it's extremely evasive,and their small size affords great escapes that would in other words lead to the downfall of any normal monster. But the bad thing about one of my favorite pseudo-wyverns (the Narga) that a rightly placed Thunder-shot or Flame blow to their nimble bodies means good bye to the Narga.

    If you have any ideas or comments on how the dynamics of a Hunter+Monster ally system would work, then I encourage you, do please wri…

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  • Soul of a Hunter

    Which weapon?

    August 29, 2010 by Soul of a Hunter

    A question to all hunters, which, out all weapons in the MH series, is your favorite?Simple question if you ask me.

    To start it off, I'l go first. The Great Sword (I don't have I'm not sure how the SwitchAxe is.)

    Who's next?

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