Yian Kut-Ku

My Kut-Ku redesign

Well my first post of the year. Anyway I decided to redesign Kut-ku here into a more bird like wyvern, like Monster Hunter Tri's Qurupeco.

It has more feathers than scales now and no more sonic-bomb weak ears, but it now has some colourful feathers on it's head instead. It still has part of it's scaly wings and back shells. It is able to produce elemental based attacks in small bursts. It uses it's Large beak to attack hunters that are too close, then it attacks from a distance with wind and element based attacks. These Kut-ku however are more suspectible to falling when attacked by a hunter. There are three subspecies of these Kut-ku, Bright: Fire,Lives in Volcanoes and Forests Weakest to Ice Sunset: Thunder,Lives in Desert and Swamps Weakest to Fire Moonlight:Ice,Lives in Tundra and Rain forests Weakest to Thunder

The males of this Kut-ku variety have longer more colourful feathers. Their diet mainly consists of smaller Bird Wyverns and large varieies of nuts: mainly being scatternuts. It's tail feathers, Wings and Head feathers can be broken. When wings are broken it won't be able to fly but instead will run from area to area.

I will post more pictures of him coloured with his other subspecies. Well I hope you like it.

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