Carapaceon Facts

Carapaceons are large crustaceans mainly being Crab or Lobster-like, some are scorpion like as well. First discovered in the Minegarde region now their are sightings of new ones in the Loc-Lac Region.

We have also discovered the reason behind the enlarged skulls of monsters on them, when they are younger they obtain a skull that fits onto their "Tail". Quickly the tail connects many nerves and veins into the skull that actually supplies a source of nutrients to said skull. Allowing for the skull to grow as the Carapaceon grows sometimes slightly altering the skull.

Here are the New Carapaceon of the Loc-Lac Region

Tsubasa KaraZoa Ceanataur

( Blade and Flail )

This new species of Ceanataur are very different from their Minegarde relatives. They lack their relatives retractable claws, they can't dig either, they also have a longer abdomen and on the end have an Uragaan's skull instead of a Gravios's skull. They are known for mainly fighting in the areas of the volcano with ceilings.

They fight by using slashes and charging attacks to ward of enemies. they also will use their Uragaan skull to hit enemies. One of their most deadly attacks happens when it jumps or climbs onto a ceiling and then using the Uragaan's chin to smash into the ground to try and pin a hunter and repeatedly slash at him/her. While in this stance it gives hunters a perfect chance to attack the skull or make it flinch in this stance by attacking the abdomen and making it lose it's balance and giving an excellent chance to attack. Unfortunately if you paralyze or put it to sleep it will stay in that stance.

If the tail sustains enough damage the Uragaan's chin will fall off and allow you to carve it once. The only other breakable parts are the claw spikes.

If in Rage it may roll over and smash it's tail into the ground in order to go into the Smash stance and quickly attack at a very fast pace. When running out of stamina it will be easy to trip.

Tsubasa KoraZao Canataur

Tsubasa KaraZao Ceanataur

Stance shown in top left

Skull upside down for stable stance

King size 1251.0 cm

Mini size 421.0 cm

I just thought this Idea up awhile ago except the skull was in the normal fashion in that concept. Well hope you all like this and I would like you to suggest some Ideas and concepts. so here goes...

What 3rd gen monster skull should I use for a Hermitaur?

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