aka Liam

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on August 9
  • I am Male
  • Sonoel

    My cute little Urukususu chibi eating a carrot. My entry for countjoe's art competition.

    Isn't He just Adorable

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  • Sonoel

    Since i am sick today and yesterday I started on my Entry for Countjoe's art competition.

    This is not my description of the monster that will be included with the final copy.

    The theme was a flagship monster so I looked at the old game covers and monsters and found some things in common.

    1. They all are unique as in a new species except for the flying wyverns

    2. They all were in an awesome pose


    3. That stupid hunter in the hunter armor and his Gs were in most of

    So here's the preview what do you think.

    Link to competition!_ROUND_1!

    Just a preview not Final copy.

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  • Sonoel

    Ill Put more info on LIam later.

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  • Sonoel

    Carapaceons are large crustaceans mainly being Crab or Lobster-like, some are scorpion like as well. First discovered in the Minegarde region now their are sightings of new ones in the Loc-Lac Region.

    We have also discovered the reason behind the enlarged skulls of monsters on them, when they are younger they obtain a skull that fits onto their "Tail". Quickly the tail connects many nerves and veins into the skull that actually supplies a source of nutrients to said skull. Allowing for the skull to grow as the Carapaceon grows sometimes slightly altering the skull.

    This new species of Ceanataur are very different from their Minegarde relatives. They lack their relatives retractable claws, they can't dig either, they also have a longer abdome…

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  • Sonoel

    While surfing the wiki a while ago I came across Begining of the end entertainment's Ronin Karkinos. Which I wanted to draw because the concept intrigued me so I asked him to and he gave the thumbs up and now here's a sketch that took about...... I'm guessing under an hour or so. This is the Ukanlos one because i was to lazy to go into detail with the Akantor skull. i will do the other one later but for now this is it. Hope you all enjoy the giant Carapaceon. :D

    Here's his page

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