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I'll be the A - hole!

Ok! I get that no one gets where they are without some help along the way! That being said! if you are a low HR level, why in the hell are you going to go into a city that says "Skilled Hunters Only Please"? Don't do it, it's rude! Find a city with some people that are around your HR level! Trust me, it's worth it to play with people around your HR level! You'll make some good friends and build a relationship with fellow hunters that will help you on down the line! "Skilled players have some things that they need to work on too! And they can't if there are low level people in the city too! If they want to help you, they will enter a room that your already in! So please be courteous, and let them do what they need to do! Match up with players of your own HR level, and everyone is happy! Thanks for reading!


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