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  • Slayerlord85

    hey ppl im finally gonna make a new monster vs monster fan fiction story so if u have any monsters in particular that you would like to see me write about fighting just leave a comment telling me which monsters u want to see the most and if you havent read my other stories (tigrex vs rathalos) and (lao vs fatalis) u really should check those out on my blog page, they are really cool and fun to yea just leave a comment . so PEACE OUT fellow hunters.

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  • Slayerlord85

    tigrex vs rathalos

    June 28, 2010 by Slayerlord85

    One day a rathalos decided to fly over the desert when he saw a dead diablos and some dead apceros. So the rathalos flew down to fead. As he opened his fiery jaws to eat the dead creature he then saw the mighty ruler of the desert, the one who had killed the diablos, THE MIGHTY TIGREX!!!!! The rathalos was a little frightened as the tigrex roared, but it did not back down. he decided to stay and try to defeat the might beast. So the rathalos shot multiple fireballs at the tigrex only to fail miserably. The tigrex was to quick. The rathalos stoped shooting fireballs and the tigrex charged, but when he got close enough the rathalos turned quickly to smack the tigrex with his tail. after th tigrex got back up he slashed the rathalos right acr…

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