Fatalis are one of those monster which some hunters find hard and some find easy,I myself find them both I have mainly focused my efforts on the black fata and once scared of the crimson,I have right now have 4 parts to the high rank fata armour(black) and since beating ukanulos I can upgraded to level 24 or 114 defence for each part I am currently still upgrade'ing however Im finding it hard to break the wings for I only need 2 webbing for the arm's and then I will have the full set but Im doing these fata on my own and not very good with duel blades so been using hammer,gunlance,bow and light bowgun I found gunlance easyist so set out with the worlds end second to top upgrade(cant remeber name of it) pls comment on how to break wings easyer then doing fata twice with gunlance or hammer then gun or bow I think theres a much easyer way than that please comment.


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