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New FanFic! (Those are getting more and more common.)

SirBoo June 21, 2010 User blog:SirBoo

Hey, SirBoo's back! After a well-needed vacation, I've decided that, along with my DM series, I'll create a fanfic relating to MH3's plot, just with some major twists. Major ones.

Anyway, I have the antagonist, protagonist, and all that sorted out, but what I want is fresh, new ideas. So, what I'm going to do is accept the following:


Plot (to an extent, don't spout a whole plotline, please, just bits and pieces to put together.)




Background Characters

Extra protagonists/antagonists (Need name, race, weapon(s), ect., same with characters.)


and other things TBA. Remember, Gobul loves you. And I haven't got a creative title in mind yet. Help me with that and I'll give you a Gobul Cookie.

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