Well, since I have enough characters to get started, I thought it might be a help to present the ones I have currently. I am not giving any major spoilers, just a little info on them.



Age: 21

Gender: Male

A tribal hunter born and bred for combat. He leads his fellow hunters through thick and thin, and hasn't failed yet.


Age: 19

Gender: Female

A wild hunter, with a fury to match a Diablos. Her companion is a little, shall we say, "dirty," if you get my meaning.


Age: 18

Gender: Male

A city bred hunter, currently employed. He's not exactly new, but not too experienced.


Duran: The tribal leader, in charge of affairs. His daughter is very well looked after, although she's not too happy.

Lavinia: The Chief's daughter. She'll oftentimes sneak away from her guard and look around the hunting areas.


HardHead: Elaine's "dirty" companion. He oftentimes helps her with her hunts, although he overdoes it... often.

That's all I'll say right now. For another character, look for EmperusDraco. He has the other Character.

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